Michigan Fashion 2013

Michigan Fashion 2013
This is me and an attempt at 60's housewife meets hipster fashion
This is me and an attempt at 60’s housewife meets hipster fashion

Greetings Mittenistas! As we enter into 2013 and everyone begins to lose the weight they resolved to ditch on January 1st, the time has come to revamp your wardrobes. But looking good in Michigan is a far cry from looking good in any other state. Don’t get me wrong, we look good wherever we go, but being from Michigan, we do have a style all our own. This monthly column will be dedicated to Mitten Fashion: where to shop, where to wear it, how our regions differ, and why actual mittens are a great investment in Michigan. Among many other topics. If you consider yourself to be the height of Michigander Fashion, I want to know! E-mail pictures of you, friends, family, etc. in true Mitten garb (no birthday suits please) to lyndsay@awesomemitten.com. If you’re a designer, send me links to your line! I want this column to be a conversation because we’re lucky enough to dress for four seasons here. As a “unique” dresser with no regard for color schemes and an affinity for sequins and neon, I will be learning and refining as I research and communicate to you what’s being worn all over the state. I also advocate that fashion isn’t just what you’re wearing, it’s where you’re headed and how you feel in it. Can’t wait to start this journey into Michigan fashion with you.

Just straight stylin'
Just straight stylin’

Lyndsay Israel- Feature Writer(and soon to be Fashion guru)