IMG 1556 Michigan Beats: Greensky Bluegrass Preview

Michigan Beats: Greensky Bluegrass Preview

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The most prodigious bluegrass band on the Michigan (and national!) music scene right now is, without contest, Greensky Bluegrass.  This quintet of extraordinarily talented string musicians has been together for over a decade, learning, performing and progressing by leaps and bounds every year. They play close to 175 shows annually, and have used this year to rock out a dynamite national tour, selling out venues like the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO, The Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO, and The Independent in San Francisco, CA.  Here, in their hometown Kalamazoo, it’s best to order your GSBG tickets in advance, because waiting until the day of the show can be a gamble.  Devotees will travel from high and low to watch Greensky ignite the stage at Bell’s Brewery, Inc., dancing and cheering for an ensemble that delivers music that moves you somewhere deep in your soul.

IMG 1556 Michigan Beats: Greensky Bluegrass Preview
Photo courtesy of Greensky Bluegrass

Greensky Bluegrass is comprised of five stellar string artists: Paul Hoffman is the band’s mandolin player extraordinaire; Dave Bruzza slays the lead guitar; Anders Beck dominates the dobro or the “drop steel” as he calls it; Mike Bont is the astonishingly talented banjo player; and cellist Mike Devol added his superlative classical style to the band in 2004.  Each musician brings such unparalleled talent to the stage that you cannot help but drop your jaw in awe when you see them jam.

The great news is that you have an opportunity to check out the band this upcoming weekend, November 23rd and 24th, at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe, where the group will play their annual back-to-back Thanksgiving shows, joined by Steppin’ in It’s front man Joshua Davis.  Home for the holiday, GSBG’s favorite place to perform is Kalamazoo, where they can spend time before and after with family and close friends.  Grab your tickets online via Bells’ website and stay tuned for a follow-up review and exclusive interview with Paul Hoffman.   Check out the band’s website ( to have a pre-show listen, see pictures, check out tour dates, and grab albums and gear.

Lindsey Hinkel – Contributing Writer

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