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#MIAwesomeList is the ULTIMATE summer bucket list in Michigan where you can experience Michigan to its fullest – from beloved Michigan favorites to hidden gems and haunts known only to the localest of locals. 

And your organization can be on the list!

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    How Partnering with #MIAwesomeList is Awesome for your Organization

    By partnering with us, your organization will be included on #MIAwesomeList 2021! That means we’ll be promoting your specific organization as a great summer activity on our ULTIMATE Michigan bucket list. 

    More eyeballs online and more feet through your door is our sole focus. We’re activating people with our content to get out and enjoy the real world with this campaign. These eyeballs aren’t only good for the summer of 2021. Through our online content, you will continue to build visibility into the future, which will also help you continue to grow.

    #MIAwesomeList also provides Michiganders and Michigan-lovers the chance to rally behind a summer event and join into something that builds into Michigan. This year, the mutual encouragement of and rallying around each other will be important in a whole new way as we realize anew what our communities mean to us. 

    And it makes it so simple to join in to exploring our amazing state and enjoy our own big, backyard here in Michigan. This is about more than a summer vacation or day-trips. This is about experiences, building memories, and creating memories. 

    You can be a part of this. And we’re going to make it so easy for you to partner with us. 

    Why Working With Awesome Mitten is Different

    In a world of print, online ads, content creators, travel bloggers, and influencers, why should you choose Awesome Mitten?
    1. We’re content marketers. We are content marketers with years of experience in the travel industry. That means we approach your experience through building content that has staying power which doesn’t just serve you this summer but grows into the future.
    2. Multi-touch marketing approach. In a world of “ad blindness” how do you know that your business will get attention? Our multi-touch approach means that your business will show up in all the places that people are hanging out online. This will help you cut through the noise and be heard!
    3. Natural Language. We don’t speak sales-eeze. We specialize in compelling, informative content. So whether it’s a paragraph or an entire post, we’ll be talking about your business just like we would share about our favorite things with a friend.
    4. Michigan Focus. Our followers all have one thing in common – they LOVE Michigan. So no matter what your business, experience, or attraction is, you’ll get in front of people who want to experience the best that Michigan has to offer.
    5. Professional and On Time. This isn’t a hobby for us. We take this as seriously as you do. So you know you can count on us to deliver your content on time – or even early!

    Learn more about what makes Awesome Mitten different here.

    How We're Promoting #MIAwesomeList2021

    #MIAwesomeList will Reach Lovers of Michigan and Help Michiganders Fall More in Love with the Mitten

    Leveraging our existing audience of 300,000+ followers

    • Our social audience will get organic and paid posts leading up to and throughout the campaign in several creative ways
    • Our Michigan Bucket List group will be ground zero for community interaction but will also be invited throughout our social platforms and our UP Travel Facebook group
    • Promoted through our website to existing traffic
    • Featured in our weekly email

    Reaching new audiences

    • Press outreach multiple times throughout Michigan, surrounding states, and nationally
    • Social advertising to Michiganders and those that love the state
    • Display advertising on relevant regional media

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    Our Partners

    We’ve had the privilege to collaborate with some amazing Michigan organizations over the years. Ready to join them?

    #miawesomelist 2021 tshirt

    What Do Participants Get?

    Anyone who lives in or loves Michigan can participate in #MIAwesomeList2021 – whether they check out one thing on the list or try to get to all 120+!

    Those who sign up will get a PDF copy of #MIAwesomeList2021 and the opportunity to claim a Swag Bag.

    #MIAwesomeList Swag Bags will include:

    • Custom #MIAwesomeList2021 T-Shirt with Awesome Sauce, Excellent, and Great Partners’ logos (7 total) on the back
    • Michigan Map Fill-In Sticker – a blank map of Michigan to be filled in as participants explore the state!
    • Awesome Mitten sticker pack – perfect for vehicles, laptops, water bottles, cups, campers, and more!

    Participants can easily submit their photos on social media to be featured in Awesome Mitten channels using #MIAwesomeList or #mittenlove.

    And participants who complete various challenges (i.e. exploring one experience/attraction/business from each region, completing 70% of the list, etc) can enter for a drawing to win final prizes – a getaway, gift cards, and more!

    Get Started

    Have interest in learning more about what a partnership for #MIAwesomeList would look like? Get in touch. We’ll respond with package details and any other relevant info. 

    • Let us know a little about your organization and any notes.

    The #MIAwesomeList History

    #MIAwesomeList was a feature on Awesome Mitten from 2012 through 2017 and we are so excited to bring it back for summer 2021!

    At Awesome Mitten, it is our mission to connect Michigan-lovers with Michigan based experiences, products, businesses, events, and more to make it easier to invest in our communities and local businesses, right here at home.

    #MIAwesomeList has had thousands of participants who have loved taking part in a Michigan-centric summer experience. Businesses have gotten fantastic exposure and increased business both from people participating in #MIAwesomeList as well as the additional email, social media, online articles, press releases, and ongoing logo recognition from the swag.

    Just as in the past, your unique Michigan experience is truly a partner with Awesome Mitten and Awesome Mitten can’t wait to promote and bring attention through its multi-touch approach to your unique experience.Check out some of these past numbers and reach.

    "This list was amazing. We haven't taken a trip together in the ten years we've known each other... We decided life was too short and there were too many great places we were missing because we weren't making adventures a priority. I’m sure this sounds super cheesy, but having this list was a true blessing for us.”
    Love on Lake Michigan.
    Past #MIAwesomeList Participant