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Community Comfort in a Coffee Cup

As the weather changes and the calendar moves into the final month of 2015, coffee is the added energy we Michiganders need to get us through the cold winter mornings this time of year!

The comfort of home in a public space at Mainstreet Beanery in Zeeland, MI. Photo credit Katelyn Sandor
A cup of coffee warms the cold winter weather away. Photo courtesy of Katelyn Sandor.

In Zeeland, a small town located in West Michigan, Mainstreet Beanery is one of those coffee shops that make you feel like family when you walk in the door. From the friendly faces behind the counter, to the chalkboard menu, and the booth seats lined in leather—it’s a mix of the comfort of home and the hustle and bustle of a community space.

Kate DeForest, a barista at Mainstreet, has worked there since it’s opening in 2008. “I’ve been here from beginning,” she said. “I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to see a business start from the bottom and grow as this town has grown.”

The downtown landscape of Zeeland has changed over the years and more and more small businesses are putting up shop and making a home in this community oriented town.

Zeeland's Mainstreet Beanery is a small coffee shop with all of the comforts of home. Photo courtesy of mainstreetbeanery.com.
Zeeland’s Mainstreet Beanery is a small coffee shop with all of the comforts of home. Photo courtesy of mainstreetbeanery.com.

With a three-block downtown area, brick lined sidewalks, and arched outdoor street lamps, the main thoroughfare is lined with a furniture store, a toy shop, a few hair salons, a bakery, brewery, top-notch restaurant, frozen yogurt parlor, post office, flower shop and, of course, Mainstreet Beanery.

Mainstreet offers a specialty drink of the month, a daily soup, artisan granola, and more. Stop in during the month of December to try the North Pole Mocha (a white chocolate and peppermint latte). Or try a best seller like the Snickers Latte or the white chocolate chip raspberry muffin!

Garland and coffee and pastries, oh my! Photo courtesy of mainstreetbeanery.com.
Garland and coffee and pastries, oh my! Photo courtesy of mainstreetbeanery.com.

“This is a great place to be,” said Katie. “We get to be a part of [our customers’] lives – we share stories, we see their kids age, new families and the regulars, all because they stop in for a great cup of coffee.” You’ll find small business meetings and bible study groups joining up for a cup of coffee, young families stopping in before an early Saturday morning soccer game, college students looking for a quiet place to study, and retired pals drinking a fresh brew and chatting about the weather.

Mainstreet Beanery provides that small community comfort, support, and flare with every cup of coffee. The business also participates in Zeeland festivals and programs like Pumpkin Fest throughout the year. Isn’t that what a local coffee shop is all about?

Gifts and goodies at Don's Flowers. Photo courtesy of Katelyn Sandor.
Gifts and goodies at Don’s Flowers. Photo courtesy of Katelyn Sandor.

Supporting local businesses is really a Michigan calling. We like to eat local, buy local, and support local. The ma-and-pa shops like Mainstreet Beanery keep us connected to our communities.

To add to the allure of the coffee shop, Mainstreet Beanery shares an open inner doorway with Don’s Flowers, a florist and old-fashioned gift shop.

On any given day you can stroll through the aisles of collectibles and gifts at Don’s with your fresh coffee in hand. You’ll find Vera Bradley bags and accessories, Michigan-made cottage signs, and other knickknacks. You can talk to the florists about wedding flowers, a holiday table arrangement, or a special bouquet for a regular day.

The next time you’re in West Michigan, make time to stop in Zeeland and support local by buying your cup of coffee at Mainstreet Beanery. The calming atmosphere and relaxed simplicity of the space will make you feel both right at home as well as a member of this small Michigan community.

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