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Made in the Mitten

Made in the Mitten
Photo courtesy of Tonya Blust

If you’re here on the Awesome Mitten, you undoubtedly know that Michigan has an enormous, yet oft-overlooked base of talented artisans. Like those here at the Awesome Mitten, Tonya Blust is a lover of Michigan hoping to shine a spotlight on these talented individuals with her new venture Made in the Mitten, a subscription box service featuring products hand-made by Michigan artisans.

Tonya is no stranger to subscription box services. She not only receives several a month, but she also reviews her bounty on her blog Subscription Prescription. As a subscription box connoisseur, Tonya says she found a few great options in Michigan (including the Awesome Mitten Crate partner, Mitten Crate) which primarily featured Michigan-made food. She noticed a hole in the market of Michigan subscription boxes: a box that included products from Michigan artisans.

Because this talented community of Michigan makers was unrepresented in the state’s subscription box services, Tonya established Made in the Mitten. The project will soon come to fruition: Made in the Mitten boxes are slated to begin shipping in July!

Photo courtesy of Nobach Photography

Subscribers can expect a variety of Michigan-made, high-quality products in each box. Tonya aims to include one jewelry item, one décor items, one paper items, and one food item (along with a little something extra) in each box. In addition to providing hand-made, first-rate products of Michigan artisans, Tonya also wanted each box to contain “something for everyone,” regardless of tastes or interests.

The items come from a variety of Michigan craftsmen, and Tonya’s only criteria for inclusion in a Made in the Mitten box is that they provide a high-quality product. When she sees something that she likes on Etsy or at a craft show, she will broach the subject of contributing to the project. As she says, “Nine times out of ten, I get an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’” She’s also had artisans approach her directly about participating, a practice which is sure to become more common as Made in the Mitten gains its subscriber base.

Made in the Mitten
Photo courtesy of Tonya Blust

With a cost of only $30 per box (with free shipping and a minimum of $40 of products in each box) the Made in the Mitten subscriber base is sure to grow steadily. For Tonya, the most important and rewarding part of Made in the Mitten is to spotlight the great talent of Michigan artisans to these subscribers. As she puts it, “Sometimes I feel as though Michigan gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the media, as we’re always portrayed as this downtrodden, economically depressed state, but there’s also so much vitality here. That’s what I want to capture with Made in the Mitten, and I hope other people enjoy the results!”

We’re lucky enough to be giving away a one month subscription. Our contest begins on Thursday, June 5th – so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter (sign up for monthly or daily updates) to hear how to win!  Even if you aren’t our lucky winner, check out a subscription to Made in the Mitten. (A 6 month subscription is just $153 — only $25 a month!)

What products are you hoping to see in the Made in the Mitten boxes?

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