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Photo courtesy of Lightning Love

If you’ve been around the Detroit music scene at all, or have talked to someone who knows anything about it, chances are you’ve heard of the indie-pop trio Lightning Love.  Members Leah Diehl, keys, vocals, Aaron Diehl, drums, and Ben Collins, guitar, vocals, have been a staple in Detroit and the Midwest music scene over the past couple years. They recently even represented the Midwest in the finals for Billboard’s Battle of the Bands in Las Vegas. Though Lightning Love didn’t win the battle, they certainly picked up a lot of momentum and recognition. Their 2008 release of November Birthday on Quite Scientific Records has brought them great success.  I had the chance to talk with Leah, front woman of Lightning Love, about the band’s beginnings, their trip out to Las Vegas, and what’s to come for them.

Photo courtesy of Lightning Love

When and how did Lightning Love come to be?
Leah: We formed in 2007 when Ben and I were in another band called Minor Planets.  I was writing my own songs and was asked to play a show, so I called on Ben and my brother Aaron to help me out.

We know LL plays great music and knows how to have a great time.  What are your guys’ day jobs?
Leah: I’m a waitress in Corktown, Aaron is a maintenance guy for EMU apartments, and Ben is a computer programmer for University of Michigan’s news service.

Where’s your favorite place to play in Detroit?

Leah: The Magic Stick, I guess. We also like the Belmont and the Lager House.

Is it shocking to hear all the recognition LL has been getting on all the music blogs out there?
Leah: Definitely.  I always thought you had to be cool to get recognition.  Honestly, it all feels pretty awkward. But in a good way.

How was Billboard’s Battle of the Bands in Las Vegas?
Leah: Ridiculous. It was a free vacation and we were treated really well. All the bands and producers became great friends. Everybody was cool.

From the video clips on Billboard’s site I saw you guys got to drive a new Chevy Cruze all the way out there. Did you get to keep the car?
Leah: No way.

Photo courtesy of Lightning Love.

Were cameras on you guys the whole drive out there?
Leah: Most of it, yeah.  But if you watch the clips, they’re only about 90 seconds long.  So they were taking about 24 hours of footage and cramming it into a minute. Which is a good thing, because most of it could never be used in a Chevy commercial.

Did any national recognition come from the experience?
Leah: Yeah, we met some “people” who are interested in “things.” Nothing has physically come from it yet though.

What’s on the way from LL in the way of shows or touring?
Leah: We’re going to continue playing in Illinois’, Michigan and Ohio.  Hopefully we’ll do some touring this summer, although Aaron might go back to school for the summer term, so it could get tricky.

What about new music?
Leah: YES!  We’re finally getting to a place with our next album where it sounds acceptable.  We do everything on our own, as far as recording goes, so I’m REALLY sick of hearing my voice and these songs.  But it’s great to hear them start to sound… real.

When can we be expecting it?
Leah: No idea.  We’re close, but we’re talking to labels and stuff, so if we go that route, it’s in their hands.

Where’s your favorite place to be in Michigan?
Leah: I love Ypsilanti.  I live in Hamtramck now, but I miss Ypsi every single day.  Other than that, just “up north.”

~Jon Miller, Music Director

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