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Day 133: Lifer Skate Shop

frontsign1 Day 133: Lifer Skate Shop
Photo courtesy of Joanna Dueweke

Northern Michigan is the destination for many adventures, but what it is lacking is skateboard shops—that is besides the awesome Lifer Skate Shop.  The store is the current stand-alone skateboard supplier for Traverse City.  The economic climate has something to do with the dwindling shops in the area, but Lifer makes it work.  Billy Wood (owner), with business partner Chris Liss operates Lifer, along with the help of a bevy of skaters..  They’ve been kicking it in Traverse City in their 502 E. Front Street location for two years now and they are looking forward to many more.

liferbanner Day 133: Lifer Skate Shop
Photo courtesy of Joanna Dueweke

Lifer is geared toward the awesome skaters of any age—from the “true lifer” to the kids just getting into the sport.  Wood has been skating since he was five, and has made a investment in the sport.  Lifer Skate Shop originally started in Cadillac, but he saw the potential in Traverse City.  Wood says, “Traverse City needed a skate shop.”  There were a number of shops in the past, but they have moved on to other things.  With the skate park and all the terrain to skate, the town definitely needed a shop to take over.  Several awesome skaters have come out of the region who have made a real name for themselves nationally.

Wood sees the store staying in its current location, but he is constantly adding more brands.  Eventually, he hopes to expand the merchandise to include snowboarding equipment.  He wants to continue adding brands every year with the goal of keeping skating alive in Northern Michigan.

owner Day 133: Lifer Skate Shop
Photo courtesy of Joanna Dueweke

The Lifers are definitely sharing the awesome of skating.  The shop carries tons of skate brands, but they also sell their own original boards.  Wood orders blank boards and gives them his own all-original design.  He laughs, “It just depends what paint I have around.”  They are all unique (and pretty awesome). You can tell a lot of love has gone into making the unique boards, and the shop, a success.  Wood stipulates, “Its skater owned, skater operated.  In this business, you have to love what you do.”  He has made skateboarding integral in an awesome place like Traverse City.  With a smile Wood says, “I’ve made a life of skateboarding.”  He is lucky enough to do what he loves with people who love it, too. ~Joanna Dueweke, Regional Director

So check them out at, or “friend” them on Facebook—they’re definitely awesome!

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