Letter from the Editor: Michigan’s Birthday Month!

Letter from the Editor: Michigan’s Birthday Month!

Hey ya’ll,

A bounty from Alex Beaton.
A bounty from Alex Beaton.

Were you lucky (*snort*) enough to travel for the holidays? I certainly was, and it was a failure of epic proportions. Now that I’m home and the snow is whipping itself across Grand Traverse Bay, it’s safe to say I won’t be leaving my northern mitten for awhile.

We had an Awesomely Mittenmade holiday season, with our founder Alex making her way back up north for a reunion of epic proportions. You’ll hear more about our party when we outline our suggestions for celebrating Michigan’s 177th birthday (January 26th!) later this month.

A sneak peek at how we pre-celebrated Michigan's 177th.
A sneak peek at how we pre-celebrated Michigan’s 177th.

Tons of other awesomeness is coming your way this month, including:
Chaz‘s dream come true: a tour of Short’s Brewing Company!
Joanna‘s outline of the Ann Arbor Folk Fest, presented by The Ark at the end of the month
Claire‘s explorations at Pewabic Pottery
-and science from Emily, Grand Rapids food from Dana, the latest installment in the Michigan Book Project from Aram, and more!

Happy new year! Here at the Awesome Mitten, we have a stellar 2014 planned. We’re so excited to broaden our horizons while continuing to bring you the best in Michigan awesomeness. Don’t forget to enter this year’s Michigan Birthday Bake-Off (amateur contest info coming soon!) We also recommend you start planning your own Michigan birthday party now… and we’ll have pointers and party favors for you by the middle of the month.


Stay warm, Michiganders!

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