Letter from the Editor: White, Fluffy Stuff

Letter from the Editor: White, Fluffy Stuff

Hiya Mitteners!

Photo courtesy Lisa Hann
Photo courtesy Lisa Hann. What a great looking cake!

Who’s loving this weather? My snow berms have grown from nothing in November to almost five feet today–and I adore it. Earlier this week we celebrated the University of Michigan’s first snow day in 38 years and the millionth snow day for most public schools statewide. But, the sun is shining on this fluffy, white stuff in downtown Traverse City so I can’t find too much to complain about.

In January, we celebrated my quarter-century birthday AND our Great Lakes State’s 177th birthday. Team Awesome hosted a birthday party of epic proportions and we hope you took our suggestions and ran with them. If you threw a Michigan party this month, send your photos to me! We also hosted our second annual Birthday Bake-Off and want to thank all of our contestants and voters. Congratulations to Lisa Hann of Pink Slip Cakery in Zeeland! She won a cash prize of $777 and all the glory of being our bake-off winner.

I clambered right out of the lake and laughed hysterically until my legs went numb.

In other news, I fell through the ice and into waist-deep Lake Michigan earlier this month. Nothing like celebrating your love with a dip in icy waters!

February brings with it a whole lot more love. Joanna is bringing us Mitten Love courtesy of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Lyndsay will tell us everything she loves about snow. We have a contributor, Belinda, who will tell us all about Lansing Loves Yoga and a new guy, Ben, who’ll share a video featuring things to love about Grand Rapids. Plus:
Jennifer is going to tell us about an awesome new product available at High Five Threads,
-Kelly will write about Valentice in downtown Grand Rapids,
-Andrea’s bringing us news from Freshii,
-Rebecca has the scoop on the Southern Michigan Winter Beer Festival,
Lyndsay will share about GR’s annual LaughFest,
-Danielle will tell her story about volunteering at Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan,

and, as always, we’ll have beer with Chaz, books with Aram, science with Emily, pasties with Beth and Julie, UP news from Jesse, and canning with Diana.

Lake Michigan, she looks so beautiful all dressed up in white.
Lake Michigan, she looks so beautiful all dressed up in white.

We’re welcoming a few new Team Awesome members to the ranks this month: look out for Kevin’s stories on the outdoors, Sydney and Carrie’s news from Kalamazoo, Kelly’s info from GR and TC, Rebecca’s take on Jackson, and more! We always welcome submissions from anywhere in our Great Lakes State–let us know that you’re interested in contributing here! We’re also looking for stories out of Lansing and mid-Michigan; become a regional correspondent! And we love advertisers, too!

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Stay toasty warm and super awesome, Michiganders!

Until next time,