Letter from the Editor: Summertime & the livin’ is easy

Letter from the Editor: Summertime & the livin’ is easy

Dear readers,

You won’t hear much complaining from me over the coming weeks–summertime has finally arrived in northern Michigan and it seems like it’s here to stay. Sunny skies, green trees, and sparkling lakes are constantly calling me away from my desk. Luckily, I’ve built in as much time as possible to find balance between worktime and playtime. And, I very rarely start a weekend without a bonfire and brew somewhere along the shore of Lake Michigan–this past weekend, we watched the stars roll in at Port Oneida.

Letter from the Editor - The Awesome Mitten
My post-swim dinner last night: tacos from the food truck a block away and a brown ale from my new favorite brewery.

As we embark upon July, #TeamAwesome is cooking up some very important stories for you. Be on the lookout for:
-Jennifer’s much-anticipated report on BoCandy,
-Maureen’s reminders of ten great things to do during summertime in Ypsilanti,
-Sally’s ‘Hidden in Kalamazoo’ tour,
-Mariah’s look at the Humane Society of West Michigan‘s calendar of upcoming events,
-Chaz’s recaps of Founders Fest and Electric Forest,
-A tour of the Sunrise Coast with Aaron,
… and more!

Letter from the Editor - The Awesome Mitten
Building community. Check out bikeintc.org for our event calendar!

Have you seen our new staff page yet? We’re so proud of #TeamAwesome and the work that you help us do, so check us out and drop us a line if you’re interested in contributing or if you have any questions.

Cheers to summertime! Hope your holiday grilling plans are just as good as mine (Second Annual Red Meat and Red Wine party in Northport!)


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I like to think that I’m just a simple northern Michigan twentysomething who loves good craft brews, great wine, summertime grillouts, and well-roasted coffee. I'm also a dedicated yoga practitioner, social media and marketing enthusiast, reader and writer, local food junkie, and outdoors explorer--and I'm always adding to the list. If you want to know something about what's going on in Traverse City, chances are I know about it and it's even more likely that I'm involved in it. I love this town and I love helping to make it shine.