Letter from the Editor: Endless Winter

Letter from the Editor: Endless Winter

Dearest Michiganders,

A word to the wise: the best way to shake these endless winter blues is to sweat. A lot. I’ve been up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness this month, folks, and I must say that it’s working wonders for my mood. It helps me smile through all the grayness and snow… and helps me stay warm, too!

'Tis the season. Have you tried this year's Oberon yet?
‘Tis the season. Have you tried this year’s Oberon yet?

I’ve also had my fair share of great Michigan libations this month. Everything from Traverse City Whiskey to wines from the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail (just a shameless plug for my employer, for whom I revel to work) to SPRINGTIME favorites Perrin Grapefruit IPA and Bell’s Oberon have been tasted by this libation-lovin’ lady. Thank goodness for great drink! Keeps us all a little more sane, eh?

Larry Mawby: one of northern Michigan's "Wine Warriors." More info at www.winewarriors.com
Larry Mawby: one of northern Michigan’s “Wine Warriors.” More info at www.winewarriors.com

We at the Awesome Mitten have an incredible month planned. We trust that April will finally bring us the sunshine and patches of green that we’re all craving, so we’re celebrating by bringing you new columns and great stories!

This month, be sure to check out:
Jacey‘s feature on the Food Court Wars in Lansing,
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-Alfy’s recount of all the great happenings in southeast Michigan,
… and so so much more!

April just happens to encompass National Beer Day (April 7) and Michigan Wine Month, so we hope you’ll celebrate with us and our Michigan Drinking Game! You can print the card here and get the rules here.

Stay tuned for all the best from this great Mitten State, just in time for spring! We hope you’re staying warm and that the snow hasn’t sucked your soul away just yet.

Until May,