Letter from the Editor: So Begins the Blustery Season

Letter from the Editor: So Begins the Blustery Season


The Awesome Mitten - November Letter from the Editor
The view from my office last week. Today, I can’t even see out my window.

The Great White North has started to feel extra north-y over the last week or so — we’re even seeing that white stuff beginning to form on windshields and lawns overnight. Nothing is sticking, yet, but it sure is back with a vengeance! Even still, Michigan isn’t much without it’s notorious season-changing. It’s one of the many reasons I love our Great Lakes State and I know I’m not in the minority there. As I stock up on winter gear, I think about just how excited I am to show off my new duds as I sprint between my house, car, and all the places I visit in northern Michigan. I’ll be moving quickly but looking great while I go this winter!

The Awesome Mitten - November Letter from the Editor
This most unflattering picture of me brought to you by the crazy awesome sunset behind.

That said, we had an incredible color tour season this year — Leelanau Peninsula is still ripe with the golden hues of autumn. October may be ending, but we had a lovely month that I was (almost) too busy enjoying to actually document!

The Awesome Mitten - November Letter from the Editor
My favorite kind of text message.

And now, I’ll be starting off the winter-ish season with a free coffee and morsel for every day in November courtesy of Morsels in downtown Traverse City because I contributed to a crowdfunding campaign for placemaking in our fair city. If you contribute, you can enter to win a Downtown Traverse City gift certificate and help make Front Street even more beautiful than it already is.

Team Awesome is having some great fun, as well, and November will be no different. Check us out daily for content like:

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… and more from every corner of this Mitten!

The Awesome Mitten - November Letter from the Editor
Blustery days call for body-warming, belly-filling local eating! My favorite ingredients to cook with are harvested in autumn.

The Dream Team is busy coming up with big, new ideas to make Team Awesome run even smoother – to bring you the content you crave in a beautiful, interesting way. We’ll have lots to unleash on you in the coming months! Until then, remember to use #MittenLove to find your social media posts on mittenlove.com. Got a story idea? Send it our way! We’re always looking to you to tell us what the newest, best, and most awesome things in Michigan are.

Until December,


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