Letter from the Editor: It’s Autumn?!

Letter from the Editor: It’s Autumn?!

Hey y’all,

Awesome Mitten - October Letter from the Editor
Did you know this exists? I drank it all before I took the picture–super awesome case art to go with a super-awesome case of beer. Thanks, Michigan Brewers Guild!

I’m honestly not sure where the time has gone. Between planning a mega-event that’s just a week and half away, working my regular job (albeit less than satisfactorily, according to my perfectionism), and forgetting to eat (which I do even when I’m not this busy), my last few months have been a whirlwind. See also: Erin’s lack of Letter from the Editor in September. Oops!

Suffice it to say, I’ve barely noticed that summer is gone and autumn is upon us. Honestly, I’m still wearing sandals even though it’s 60 degrees and cloudy today, just because I didn’t realize that it’s not August. Double oops!

That said, just because I’m not enjoying autumn yet doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be, or that we at #TeamAwesome aren’t. Check out what’s on the docket for October:

Jennifer‘s piece on the Ales by the Rails Oktoberfest in TC,
Maureen‘s roundup of Halloween-ness in Southeast MI,
Ashlyn‘s chat about the Apothecary Off Main in GR,
Aaron‘s next Mitten Roadtrip piece,

Awesome Mitten - October Letter from the Editor
I guess my life isn’t all bad… This was a day on the job.

and plenty more!

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Until next month (when I will be much more focused and less sleep-deprived!),