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LeftStar Promotions Show - The Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of LeftStar Promotions.
The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in Grand Rapids and recently begun to take over in terms of talent, start-ups, and new initiatives.  A great example of these characteristics and the drive and dedication this city has to offer can be found in LeftStar Promotions.Jimmy Rains Jr. brainstormed the idea of LeftStar Promotions in late 2008 as a direct result of his contributions to events in the Grand Rapids area, specifically Rail Jam at The B.O.B.  Rains has put his hands in a number of different ventures and planning initiatives within the entertainment industry of Grand Rapids.  He added music and concerts to his planning initiatives when he accepted the position of Advertising and Promotions Coordinator and Assistant Marketing Director at The Intersection.

The company name, LeftStar Promotions, fits the mantra and mission of what Rains works to accomplish every day.  LeftStar originates from a star tattoo that Rains has on his left hand over the spot of his hometown, South Lyon/Howell area.  He hopes to add a star for Grand Rapids on his hand in the very near future.  Promoting Michigan, entertainment, and locality is of utmost importance in the majority of Rains’ projects.  “I’ve had my hands in so many events all over town, and event planning and creative events have always been something I love coming up with.”

Jimmy Rains Jr., owner of LeftStar Promotions - The Awesome Mitten
Jimmy Rains Jr., owner of LeftStar Promotions
LeftStar Promotions will continue to succeed in bringing people together, creating fun and unique events, and provide entertainment for our community.  The first show LeftStar Promotions put together was in April last year.  The show included the bands: The Better Fight, Too Soon To Say, West & Run, and Cities and Saints and was greatly successful as the kick-off for the company.  Since then, Rains has put together four electronic shows titled, “Back 2 Bass-ics,” that have substantiated a hefty following of approximately 700 people.  Currently, Rains is the sole proprietor of LeftStar Promotions, but plans to catapult the company after the New Year from Grand Rapids to Detroit, while increasing his staffing.The show to watch out for in the meantime occurs on December 9th at The Intersection.  LeftStar Promotions will be collaborating with the Goodwill charities to kick-off a brand new set of goals for the company.  Rains states that from here on out “every single show will have a charity tie-in. If it is not a physical donation, then the money will be taken from every ticket and donated to the charities I select to showcase during each show.”  December 9th’s show will feature The Better Fight (along with their CD release), with special guests: Maybe Next Time, Hometeam, and Mayor Mayor.

Be sure to check out LeftStar Promotions’ show on December 9th at The Intersection!  The show is all ages and doors open at 6pm.  Tickets can be purchased for $6 in advance or $8 the day of.  As the collaboration between LeftStar Promotions and Goodwill charities, you can bring an item to be donated the day of the show and receive $2 off of your ticket price.  ~Kristin M. Coppens, Regional Director

Twitter: @LeftStarPromo 
Contact: jimmy@sectionlive.com

December 9th Show Flyer for LeftStar Promotions - The Awesome Mitten
December 9th Show Flyer for LeftStar Promotions

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