Krasl Art Fair

Krasl Art Fair


This year’s art fair should be bigger and better than ever as they celebrate the 50th anniversary. Since the beginning of the year, the Krasl Art Center has been celebrating this anniversary with a public unveiling of a new logo and the annual poster design.

The Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff is not your typical kitschy, crafty small town art fair; it’s definitely high art, from renowned artists all over the country. Sunshine Artist Magazine has consistently ranked the Krasl Art Fair as one of the top 100 summer art fairs in the country, putting them at #25 this year. And while a lot of it is pricey, there’s something for everyone, from $10 on up.

If you’ve never been to downtown St. Joseph or the nearby park on the bluff, it’s a beautiful place. The bluff is an enormous hill overlooking Lake Michigan, with gorgeous sunset views, but remains close to downtown St. Joseph’s charming shops and restaurants.

The fair kicks off this Friday July 8th with an opening night party, offering live music, games for kids, food from local restaurants, wine tasting and a sneak preview of art from the show. The art fair itself will run from July 9th and 10th. ~Mike Guisinger, Regional Director

More info can be found on their website. There’s also an online program of events.

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