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king1 King of the Grill
Photo courtesy of King of the Grill

King of the Grill and its founder, Fred Mendoza and crew, are doing their best to bring some special flavors to the Lansing area. It’s not too often that you find such delicate, smoky barbecue this far north.

Frequent flyers in to and out of Lansing’s Capitol City Airport have probably noticed King of the Grill already. It’s right there, practically sharing a parking lot with the rental cars on 400 N. Grand River Ave.

Although it has only been around since 2011, Mendoza and crew have already built a strong following for their delicious stick-to-your-ribs favorites. It is not uncommon to have a short (and completely worthwhile) wait for lunch – just enough to really get you salivating.

Formerly a Burger King, the building is much better suited to a great family business. Behind the counter you can see the meats marinating in their own juices and the friendly crew is more than happy to give you a sample of each on your first visit.

Out back you can see the smoke stacks of the grill just poking up from

king2 King of the Grill
Photo courtesy of King of the Grill

behind the fence and woodpile, and the smells fill your nose before you can even get out of your car.

And that wonderful smell can travel pretty far, as King of the Grill offers catering and barbecue by the pound, including sliced beef brisket, beef flank steak, chopped beef brisket, pit ham (boneless), pork country style ribs (boneless), pork loin (boneless), pork butt (shoulder), pork spare ribs, turkey breast (boneless) and chicken two ways – whole or half. All the traditional sides are present too, from mashed potatoes to macaroni and cheese.

The crew at King of the Grill is also participating in Life in Lansing‘s venture into television. You can watch King of the Grill Saturday’s from 12 to 12:30 p.m. on WHTV in Lansing (Broadcast = 18, Comcast = 8, Direct TV = 8) or on Life in Lansing’s King of the Grill page. The preview video is up now and you can even follow along as the recipes used each week will be published on the site as well. It has never been so easy to have such great barbecue in The Mitten!

kingtitle1 King of the Grill
Photo courtesy of King of the Grill

For more information, like King of the Grill on Facebook.

~ Nathan Smathers, Feature Writer

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