Karma Life Coconut Water Drinks KarmaLife: Creating Healthy Michigan Made Beverages

KarmaLife: Creating Healthy Michigan Made Beverages

Michigan has been famous for its Faygo pop for years, and has also been receiving recognition for its celebrated breweries all across the state. However, most people don’t know about the awesome healthier beverages made right here in the Awesome Mitten.

KarmaLife Coconut Water offers nutritious and sweet tasting beverages manufactured in Brighton, Michigan. The company began with a passion for creating healthier drinks made with the sweet coconut from India.

“We enjoy bringing healthier products to Michigan, and are proud to be manufactured in Brighton,” says Pat Gandhi, Chairman and Founder, “We believe there’s a need for healthier and great tasting drinks. That’s what KarmaLife aims to provide for our customers.”

Founders Ghandi and Shasidhar Shastri teamed up to bring the coconut over from India, where the coconut is considered to taste the sweetest. The coconuts are handpicked by farmers, and all fair trade practices and principles are used. All of the coconuts are pesticide and chemical fertilizer free.

KarmaLife’s Coconut Water is both hydrating and flavored naturally from the Indian coconut, which offers a healthy boost of electrolytes. It also serves as a good source of potassium and contains a boost of antioxidants for the body. There’s no fat, no cholesterol, and no refined sugar or sweeteners added into the drink, keeping the flavors all natural inside the smooth beverage.

Karma Life Coconut Water Drinks KarmaLife: Creating Healthy Michigan Made Beverages
Photo courtesy of Alka Kudesia, KarmaLife

Their drinks come in a variety of flavors including Vanilla, Mojito Green Tea, and Natural. KarmaLife also makes CocoTea, an iced tea that combines black tea and coconut water. CocoTea is available in Lemon flavor in limited locations, and will also be coming out soon in Peach flavor.

You can try a taste of KarmaLife Coconut Water at your local Meijer, Bushes, Hillers, Whole Foods, and other grocery stores. Click here to find a store near you or check back soon for our online ecommerce store.

Amanda Lewan, Contributing Writer

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