The Awesome Mitten-Jack of the Green

Jack of the Green

The Awesome Mitten-Jack of the Green
Photo courtesy of Sarah Blodgett

Check the bottom for details on how to win a garden supply pack!

There is a rare sort of garden and gardening supply store off the beaten path of 461 Main Street, Lake Leelanau. It is called Jack of the Green, named after the harbinger of spring in an old myth. The store specializes in 100% organically grown plants, and locally grown shrubs and perennials. They also sell local furniture, garden supplies, bags, and t-shirts. If a product at Jack of the Green isn’t locally made, you can be sure that it is responsibly made. Jack of the Green is attracting a younger generation of gardeners with their environmentally friendly philosophy and hip attitude.

“I like to buy stuff that I love,” says Owner Tracy Brookfield. “Hopefully people will get excited about the stuff we sell too; we’re different from anyone else out there.”

The Awesome Mitten-Jack of the Green
Photo courtesy of Jack of the Green

Jack of the Green is open during most normal business hours, and has an out of the box approach to gardening that you just don’t find at stores like Home Depot and other big name garden centers. The gardens surrounding the store are stunning and make Jack of the Green a real destination. A lily pond surrounded by growing hedges looks like the perfect place to meditate or do yoga. It makes you feel at peace with the hectic world around you, and they plan on planting even more gardens. Brookfield wants to offer tours and gardening classes once all the gardens have grown.

“We want to give people ideas and a place to relax,” Brookfield explains. “It’s more than just a place to buy flowers and get your shopping done.”

Jack of the Green has a blog and an Etsy account, where they sell products like their own line of  garden tarps made in Manistee. And for those of us who are addicted to Pinterest, all the things on the blog are pinnable. Jack of the Green has been offering free delivery for large purchases and professional garden design within Leelanau county.

The Awesome Mitten-Jack of the Green
Photo courtesy of Jack of the Green

“The Etsy thing is sweet; it is a cool way of doing it without having to get a shopping cart,” Brookfield says with a smile.

More and more young people are starting to grow their own food and use organic products to do so. If you count yourself as part of that demographic, then you need to check out Jack of the Green’s Facebook page and website for more information. Or better yet, stop by. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you with all your gardening needs.

Jack of the Green is giving away a garden pack to help start or improve your own garden. The garden pack is worth over $100 and includes a canvas garden tarp, Jack’s Soak (the store’s own special bath salts), wildflower seed mix, a hand fork, a weed killer t-shirt, and a felted wool mushroom. To win this garden pack, post a picture to our Facebook page of either your own garden or your favorite garden in Michigan. You can also tweet us the picture @Awesomemitten. The winner will be selected Friday, July 20.

~Sarah Blodgett, feature writer

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