BLISS belle isle summer saturdays

It’s Not So Cold In the D: Add a Little BLISS to Life

BLISS belle isle summer saturdays
Courtesy of Belle Isle Conservancy.

Every day at Belle Isle is one to be cherished, but this summer the Belle Isle Conservancy has partnered with several other groups to bring a special sort of BLISS to the island on select Saturdays. BLISS, or Belle Isle Summer Saturdays, are a day of extra special fun activities for everyone. Previous dates have been wildly successful and there is still an opportunity for you to attend this unique event on future dates! Enjoy any number of fun activities like kayaking, yoga, creating art on the Conservancy, bike rentals, or eat some delicious food truck eats. Michele Hodges, Executive Director, explains, “Belle Isle Summer Saturdays are an opportunity to build on the incredible energy that is surging in Detroit by showcasing the unique role that Belle Isle is playing in the resurgence.”

Many of the activities offered during BLISS are low cost or even free, which only adds to the allure of the event. As Hodges goes on to say, “It also sets the stage for long term revitalization by providing more for existing users, and programming that will hopefully attract a new audience as well.  Belle Isle Park is exceptional, and we want everyone to enjoy it.” The mission of the event is empirical in the diverse offerings for all attendees.

So far, BLISS has attracted quite a bit of attention and that is only growing. Hodges explains, “We’ve gotten great feedback thus far, and given the fact the offerings are expanding each month, and people are becoming more aware of BLISS, we expect the crowds to grow.  We hope to have some exciting announcements soon that will grow the event even more.” What more can you ask for from such a delightful island? Obviously, BLISS is not the only thing the island offers. Instead, every Saturday is full of great options and select Sundays feature Jamz on the Beach. There’s something for everyone at Belle Isle throughout the week in Detroit’s little haven just off the shore.

view from Belle Isle
View of Detroit from Belle Isle. Photo courtesy of Jonathon Arnston.

With something delightful for everyone’s adventurous side, it’s almost like it’d be hard to choose what makes BLISS so great. Hodges smiles, “There is something for everyone, which is what makes BLISS so grand.  For me, personally, my family and I LOVED kayaking down the river with our gorgeous city as a backdrop.  But, if I were an artist, I would run to the Island so that I could paint on the grounds of the Conservatory, which sounds like a slice of blissful heaven to me.” What would you choose to do on a BLISS-ful Saturday? Will you be joining the many enthusiastic Detroiters in pursuit of enhancing this wondrous asset to the Detroit community?

Find out more on the Belle Isle Conservancy’s website, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

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