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Ice Cream Places In Kalamazoo Or Very Close

The Awesome Mitten - Ice Cream Places In And Around Kalamazoo
Photo courtesy of Sally Thelen

Now that it’s finally summer, it’s ice cream time, you guys!

Not that all the time isn’t ice cream time. It’s just that as soon as the temperature hits around seventy-five, I suddenly feel the urge to replace all my meals with ice cream and beer. I can’t be the only one who feels this way, can I?

Luckily, getting my summer beer fix isn’t too hard to do in Kalamazoo, where there’s a fabulous microbrew or funky bar around every corner.

However, getting your daily allotment of ice cream in this town sometimes means you have to travel a bit farther afield. Luckily, the distance is totally worth it. But then again it’s ice cream. So the distance is pretty much always worth it.

The Awesome Mitten - Ice Cream Places In And Around Kalamazoo
Photo Courtesy of Sally Thelen

Plainwell Ice Cream

Located about fifteen miles away from Kalamazoo, Plainwell Ice Cream has pretty much everything you could possibly want in an ice cream shop: a quaint interior, friendly staff, ample outdoor seating, and a whole lot of amazing ice cream that’s freshly made at the shop.

The flavors range from your basics to your more exotic – like Lemon Chiffon, French Silk, and Caribbean Caramel — and the servings are more than generous. And by “more than generous,” I mean “at least enough to count as your lunch for the day.”

If you’re not up for the drive, The Spirit of Kalamazoo in downtown Kalamazoo also serves Plainwell Ice Cream.

Address: 621 East Bridge St, Plainwell, MI, 49080

Phone: 269-685-8586 | Website  | Facebook

The Awesome Mitten - Ice Cream Places In And Around Kalamazoo
Photo Courtesy of Sally Thelen

Schultz’s Treat Street

Schultz’s Treat Street is something of a surprise. Despite being tucked in a shopping plaza on Oakland Drive, it has a old fashioned, corner store vibe to it. They sell a hodge-podge of things —  from pickles to penny candy.

But, of course, the main draw is the ice cream from Sherman’s Ice Cream in South Haven. They have a range of intriguing flavors, including something called Maple Bacon. Yes, that’s totally an ice cream flavor that exists.

Address: 3023 Oakland Drive, Kalamazoo, MI, 49008

Phone: 269-388-5505 | WebsiteFacebook

The Awesome Mitten - Ice Cream Places In And Around Kalamazoo
Photo Courtesy of Sally Thelen

Ritter’s Frozen Custard

I discovered Ritter’s shortly after I moved to Kalamazoo last year, and I’ve been more than a bit obsessed about this place. In fact, it’s entirely possible I drove past it almost every week during the spring in the hopes that it would finally be open for the season.

While they serve a number of different shakes, sundaes, ices and other concoctions, I’ve only ever tried their hand-dipped frozen custard because it’s the most amazing thing on the face of the Earth. In case you’re not familiar with frozen custard, it’s basically what happens when ice cream and heaven have a baby. For real.

Their selection of flavors change on a daily basis, so it’s a good idea to check out their Facebook page to find out what they’re serving that day. Or, you know, you could just drive there every single day like some kind of weird ice cream creeper. Not that I know anyone who does that. (I totally do that.)

Address: 217 Romence Rd, Portage, MI, 49024

Phone: 269-321-8800 | WebsiteFacebook

What’s your favorite place to get ice cream?

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