Hunting Holiday Antiques

Hunting Holiday Antiques
Awesome Mitten (Hunting Holiday Antiques)
Photo Courtesy of Eastown Antiques

November is traditionally the month where America remembers that now is a good time to start thinking of holiday gifts.

The good news is that you still have plenty of time to come up with unique gift ideas for everyone on your list without rush ordering from Amazon. The even better news is that Grand Rapids is host to quite a few quality antique and vintage stores, packed to the brim with treasures that’ll make any receiver feel truly special.

Antiques have always been my favorite for a few reasons. First of all, they rarely end up on anyone’s list, resulting in a one of a kind, “I saw this and thought of you!” genuine response to the tears falling down someone’s face. Secondly, given enough time, the hunt is a blast. You get to spend a day sifting through goodies instead of staring at the same shelf as everyone else in Meijer. Finally, you’re helping to breathe new life into an old item, and cutting down on the consumption of goods the holidays usually entail. Now that’s a warm and fuzzy feeling I can handle.

If you’re clueless about how to shop for gifts at an antiques store-here’s my advice. Make a list of all those you hope to find something for, and write down some of their favorite hobbies and interests. For example, my dad is a huge Dukes of Hazzard fan, so I am always on the lookout for anything related to the Duke boys. My little brother loves belt buckles, so I always peruse the cases near the front of stores for unique looks. And finally, my mom loves floral watercolors, which are an absolute ball to hunt for. Now, where to shop?

Buckley & Douglas, check out the Awesome Mitten article here

441 Century Ave SW, GR

Perfect for the man or industrial crazed woman in your life-find anything from small trinkets to large furniture pieces.

Awesome Mitten (Hunting Holiday Antiques)
Photo Courtesy of Buckley & Douglas

Warehouse One Antiques

449 Century Ave SW, GR

A warehouse (in the same building as Buckley & Douglas) jam packed with incredible vendors and great prices. You can find just about anything if you dedicate an afternoon to looking around. Be on the lookout for interesting jewelry, books, and collectibles.

Bluedoor Antiques, check out the Awesome Mitten article here

946 Fulton St E, GR

Don’t be fooled by Bluedoor’s amazing collection of painted dressers and antique chandeliers, you can find small trinkets perfect for unique gifts in just about every corner. 

I.C. Vintage

337 Diamond Ave SE, GR

Whether you find that fabulous pair of boots your honey’s been looking for, or a unique bolo tie, I.C. Vintage has got you covered. Not to mention, they are also a hair salon-so why not spiff yourself up with a new holiday ‘do?

Awesome Mitten (Hunting Holiday Antiques)
photo courtesy of Imagination Creations

Eastown Antiques

1515 Lake Dr SE, GR

For any collectible, mid century modern, or kitchenware fanatic, Eastown offers a great selection of all sorts of blasts from the past.

Good Soul Vintage, check out the Awesome Mitten article here

Shopping local can be as local as your living room couch when you buy from Good Soul Vintage. An adorable collection of accessories and clothes perfect for that fashionista in your life.

Awesome Mitten (Hunting Holiday Antiques)
Photo Courtesy of Good Soul Vintage

What will you start searching for?

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