Hudsonville Ice Cream Flavor Creations

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    Last week, we told you we were giving away have teamed up with us to giveaway an IN HOME ICE CREAM SOCIAL for up to 50 people from Hudsonville Ice Cream! It includes ice cream, bowls, spoons, napkins, aprons and hats delivered right to your doorstep! To win, you had to create your own Michigan Ice Cream Flavor – tell us the ingredients and give it a name! Well some AWESOME flavors were created, and one was chosen at random! 

    Congrats to our winner, Danielle Downs!


    Christopher Sorel Take some vanilla ice cream add in Shorts Brewery Turtle stout and with caramel, milk chocolate, and pecans. Or vanilla ice cream add Shorts Brewery Black Cherry Porter with some Traverse City Black Cherries.

    Casual Android Vanilla ice cream + pralines + michigan cherries + dark rum!

    Stephanie Lapid Since Fat Tuesday is coming up… I think a paczki flavor would be yummy. Custard or fruit filled… take your pick. 🙂

    Anita Senkowski How about a new breakfast ice cream: Waffles and Bacon. Start with a creamy, egg rich French Vanilla base, add chunks of toasty Belgian waffles, and sprinkle liberally with crispy thick-sliced maple bacon. I think I’m starting a commotion…And of course my Waffles and Bacon would feature Maple Swirls made with Michigan maple syrup. Waffles and Bacon: an ice cream flavor that can be both wholesomely simple and decadently sophisticated.

    Tracie Vandermeulen How about Detroit Tiger Paws Orange Ice Cream swirled with Chocolate Fudge.

    Laura Hickey Blizzard- white chocolate 🙂

    Lindsay Farrell Moomers Chocolate ice cream, Traverse City cherries, @Better Made Pretzels, and swirls of @Kilwins Double Dark Chocolate Fudge. I call it “Everything awesome in The Awesome Mitten”.

    Jan Vernor Warner I would use Michigan products and call it “Sparty.” Chocolate icecream, Sander’s hot fudge mixed in, peanut butter and a splash of Vernor’s Ginger Ale.

    Angela Giachino-Siegmon Dark chocolate ice cream with chunks of the salty caramels

    Christine Shultz Flavor: Seafoam Surprise. Ingredients: Chunks of sponge candy and caramel sauce swirled into Hudsonville Vanilla. Michigan’s favorite candy in Michigan’s favorite ice cream. Oh my!! Blueberry Bitten – Blueberries, white chocolate fudge, walnuts in vanilla.

    Hillary Burns Ingredients: coffee ice cream (use Higher Grounds Trading Co. coffee–Traverse City-based 100% Fair Trade, Organic company) Naturally Nutty Mocha Peanut Butter (USDA Organic certified Traverse City-based company), Cherry Republic (Traverse City-based company) Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Nut Mix. The name…”Nice Cream: Ethical Eating” 😀

    Stephanie Pearson How COOL!  First thought “Apple Blossom Awesome” Or maybe “Frost Bitten Mitten” – although I’m not sure what ingredients it would include. There could also be a flavor incorporating ginger ale…”Ginger Ale Trail”?

    Tony Pearson “Rockin’ Robin” – a touch of Motown with the great state bird

    Erica Stott Vander Meer Ice Cream Entry : Grand River Ripple: Butterscotch ice cream with fudge ripples!!!

    Leslie Youngdahl

    Sun or snow, Michganders all know
    Sleeping Bear Dunes is the place to go!
    Even Good Morning America says so.
    So Awesome Mitten, what we need is a tasty treat to go along with our newly acclaimed title! The Sleepy Bear(y) Dunes.
    Ingredients include: Hudsonville Vanilla Ice Cream, Crushed Nilla Waffers and Gummy Bears (if you’re craving something a bit more organic, substitute the gummies for Michigan blueberries or cherries). Yum!
    @MiraUncut My icecream would be called “Michigan Mitten” with coconut, caramel and dried cherries in vanilla ice cream!

    @upnorthtwinmom I’d make an ice cream with Traverse City cherries. With gummy bears. I’d call it Beary Cherry. Mmmmm. Ice Cream.

    @whereswaldo08 I figured out a fun ice cream flavor: Boston St. Cooler: Vernor’s ginger ale and vanilla ice cream.

    Chris Hamilton: Since this is the land of church/VFW/scout troop/elementary school PTA/craft show carry-ins, and it’s impossible to make an ice cream hot dish, I would create pretzel jello ice cream!  Start with the creamiest vanilla, then add swirls of raspberry jello and bits of chocolate covered pretzels.  That would be my personal favorite, but there could be many flavors!

    Danielle Downs: My Michigan ice cream would be called A Great Lakes Blizzard. It would have blueberry ice cream to symbolize the fabulous great lakes we have in Michigan, marshmallow swirls to represent the crazy unpredictable winters we have, and sprinkles to represent all the unique individuals sprinkled around our great state. Then of course we will top it with a Traverse Bay cherry because hey, who doesn’t love a cherry?

    Ben Vander Meer: My Michigan flavor would have to be : Nordhouse Dunes: Golden vanilla ice cream w/ chunks of brown sugar coated rice krispies w/ swirls of fudge.

    Kristie & Lauren Collins: Fanatical for football – a tribute for diehard Michigan college football fans. The perfect excuse for divided fans to unite over something they can finally agree on…..the delicious flavor of this unique ice cream:) Blueberry ice cream, swirled with lemon ice cream on one side. Lime ice cream swirled with french vanilla ice cream on the other. Fans can pick a side or dare to sample their rival:)

    Mary Kay Hauck: Biggby coffee with frozen whip cream and oreo cookie chunks. Name: Biggby Buzz

    Rick Wolanin: Cherry Pineapple Coconut, could add Morels to it!

    Theo: My flavor would be,    Mayville Mud … light chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, mixed nuts.  Sounds good to me.

    Amy Sternberg: I would create an ice cream based on these Michigan favorites…. Vernors flavored Ice Cream with cherries and chunks of Sanders Hot fudge. Chunks of Michigan!

    Christian Stegmann: Love Triangle or PB&J 2.0 (couldn’t decide which was better): Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Marshmallow, Raspberry Swirl OR Porkapocalypse or Bits of Babe: Cinnamon Ice Cream, Bacon Pieces, Toffee Chips, Toasted Almonds, Swirls of Caramel

    Kris Stegmann: Banana-Manna: Banana Rum Ice Cream, White Chocolate Chunks, Coconut, Pecans

    Jackie Stegmann: Michigan Madness: Maple Ice Cream, Fudge Chunks, Cherries

    Elizabeth McCarthy: I am THE biggest fan of ice cream you might ever meet! To have an ice cream social in my house would be a dream come true! 🙂 Here’s my suggestion for a new specialty Michigan ice cream flavor:

     Minted Purple Rose
    – true, pure mint (not flavoring) (St.Johns, MI  = MINT) with light rose flavor (East Lansing, MI = MSU rose gardens), I’m envisioning it being a very light lavender color
     My idea was inspired from the wonderful folks at the Purple Rose theatre in Chelsea, MI – a fantastic place to check out if you’ve never been!
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