How to Survive Movement from a Detroiter

How to Survive Movement from a Detroiter
Photo Courtesy of Chris McMillan

Alas! The time has come for “techno heads,” “house hunters,” and all sorts of electronic music fans to make the pilgrimage to the concrete jungle that is Hart Plaza in Detroit this Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-25. This year marks the 15th rotation around the sun for Movement, Detroit’s homage to Techno, in the city that gave birth to this monumental sound. This is an adventure that requires some preparation, so below I’ve created a survival guide for this year’s festivities. I hope to see you in Hart Plaza, Michiganders (and travellers)!

Photo Courtesy of Chris McMillan

Eat Local

Detroit has morphed into a mecca for any foodie with fantastic new restaurants opening every month and historic staples still kicking it with style. My recommendation is to bypass the chain eats and get yourself a delicious Detroit delicacy. As far as new restaurants go, Dime Store has a phenomenal brunch to start off your day of dancing as does the Hudson Cafe. If you’re looking for some fine dining downtown, check out Wright and Co., classy cocktails and small plates make for an elegant night before you get grimy on the dance floor.

Looking at exploring a little bit? Corktown is booming with good eats, Slows Bar BQ is always a crowd favorite with delicious beer and BBQ, Gold Cash Gold has recently been making a name for itself with its farm-to-table style menu and gorgeous décor. If you’re in a rush and looking for something quick, you can never go wrong with these two landmarks in the city: Lafayette Coney Island and Bucharest Grill. Coneys are up there with Motown and the automobile for Detroit legacies, so why not treat yourself to the best while downtown? Bucherest has one of the best chicken shawarmas I’ve ever had.

Photo Courtesy of Chris McMillan

Explore the City

While this is a whirlwind weekend for many, you ought to make sure if you’re new to the Motor City that you do a little exploring outside the festivities. Start off your morning with a trip to Eastern Market, one of the oldest famers’ markets in the world. While you’re there, hit up Vivio’s for a Bloody Mary, then grab a coffee from Germack, and don’t forget to go by Rocky’s for some sweets. You can also stock up on fresh produce to consume through out the entire weekend, a nice break from all the grease covered food served on the festival grounds.

Detroit has some amazing architecture from the Guardian Building to the Book Cadillac, so make an effort to see these beautiful structures. If you feel the need to put two wheels between your legs, hop on over to Detroit Wheelhouse to rent a bike for a couple hours or the whole weekend. They even have a tour on Saturday during the festival called “Techno in the 313,” perfect start to your Movement weekend!

Learn Your Surroundings

Upon arriving to the Motor City, try to make sure you have a good grip on where your home base is so you in case you get lost from your crew, you’ll know how to make your way back safely. Uber can be a vital tool to use when getting around, a reliant app that can pick you up when you’re in need and can utilize credit card in case you’re not carrying cash. Don’t put local cabs out of the picture though, while Uber is convenient, most of these drivers are not as familiar with the city as you might hope. Local cabs know their way around the city with ease and can get you to your after party or hotel room in a timely fashion.

Photo Courtesy of Chris McMillan

Spread the Good Word

This may not be a survival tip, but should be done none the less. Help spread the good word of Detroit. The media doesn’t really shine a positive light on the city all the time with talks about bankruptcy and corruption, but there are so many amazing things going on! So after your wild weekend in the D, make sure to spread the love to the rest of this glorious planet!

See y’all in Hart Plaza!

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