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Hop Lot Brewing Company

About a year and a half ago, a wonderful idea was brewed up. I think you know where I’m going with this: Hop Lot Brewing Company, in the quaint village of Suttons Bay, is your next destination for a craft brew. After some quality time enjoying all that Chicago has to offer, Steve and Drew Lutke headed far, far north to create not only an assortment of craft beers, but a whole new craft beer tasting experience.

Photo Courtesy of Hop Lot Brewing Company
Photo Courtesy of Hop Lot Brewing Company

As any business owner knows, many permits need to be signed and many inspections need to be passed in order to officially open. That being said, Hop Lot Brewing Company plans to hold its grand opening this summer. So, let’s get back to how this is a “craft beer tasting experience,” shall we? The hop lot behind the name includes an onsite hop garden alongside an outdoor beer garden.

“Suttons Bay is known for its natural beauty and our location is unique in that it allows us to exploit that,” explained Drew Lutke.

Guests will be able to walk through an ornamental hop garden and view the hops and trellis system up close. The main outdoor seating area will be styled after a traditional “German Biergarten” with picnic tables spread throughout Suttons Bay’s large hardwoods. The beer garden also has a stage for musical guests, bonfire pits, and a back lawn for blankets and lounging.

They will have about 10 beers that you can enjoy in this beautiful beer garden. Some will be seasonal rotating beers, while favorites will remain on tap year round. Customers are welcome to bring their own food to Hop Lot Brewing Company, but there will be deli sandwiches from a local deli available for purchase as well.

It's in the works, photo courtesy of Hop Lot Brewing Company
It’s in the works, photo courtesy of Hop Lot Brewing Company

If Northern Michigan and craft beer tickle your fancy, I advise checking out the Hop Lot Brewing Company’s ambassador program. The purpose of this ambassador program is to extend this brewing company into the community and become part of it.


If you want more information about becoming an ambassador or more information in general about Hop Lot Brewing Company, these gentlemen have a great blog linked to their website. Be sure to like them on Facebook as well so you can be second in line for their grand opening (I’ll be first).


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