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The Awesome Mitten - Holland Litho Calendars
Photo courtesy of Kevin Povenz

Founded in 1957, Holland Litho is a full service printing company, whose bevy of products and services are nearly too numerous to list. The family owned business, founded by Jerry Baarman, now operates with approximately 75 employees to provide solutions to any printing need you can imagine.

The Awesome Mitten - Holland Litho Calendars
Photo courtesy of Paul Soltysiak

Each year Holland Litho, based in Zeeland, also produces a calendar featuring images from across Michigan. In recent years, the calendar has evolved into an interactive contest, and Holland Litho has involved Michiganders in pooling the best images of our great state into one collective project.

It was Paul Soltysiak, a 30-year veteran in the printing and marketing industries, who first suggested revamping the company’s calendar back in 2009. Soltysiak brought the idea to Rick Baarman, the VP of Sales and Marketing, who told Soltysiak to run with it.

The first and most important order of business was to eliminate stock photos as the calendar’s source of images. Soltysiak decided that a photo contest was the perfect solution. By promoting the contest through the Holland Litho monthly e-newsletter, Soltysiak began to encourage everyone to send in their photos.

And, indeed, everyone is eligible to have one of their photographs become part of a Holland Litho calendar. Submissions come from customers, friends, local photographers, anyone and everyone who captures the beauty of the Mitten.

The Awesome Mitten - Holland Litho Calendars
Photo courtesy of Mike Harley

After beginning to gather the images, Soltysiak and the Holland Litho staff embark on the task of selecting the images that would make it into the calendar. After (somehow) narrowing down the vast arrary of photographs, the calendar is designed and printed.

Now in its fourth year, the new Holland Litho calendar gains prestige with each printing. Soltysiak says, “It’s been a labor of love. Holland Litho’s customers and friends look forward to receiving their copy each year.”

The Awesome Mitten - Holland Litho Calendars
Photo courtesy of Brian Hommes

Between the Holland Litho employees working to put together an impeccable calendar and the photographers across Michigan working to capture that perfect image to characterize our great state, labor of love is the perfect explanation of the Holland Litho calendar.

So check out all of the services Holland Litho has to offer, read more about the production process of the calendar, and pick up your copy of the 2013 Holland Litho calendar!

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