ng Green - Awesome Mitten

Holland is Going Green

Holland is Going Green - Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Green Commute Week (www.the-macc.org)

Considering its reputation has been built just as much upon large-scale production as agriculture, it’s no surprise that residents of Holland are beginning to partner a sharp business mind with an environmentalist’s heart.

Local businesses like Green Transportation, Coppercraft Distillery, and Velo City Cycle are all taking steps to be more sustainable, including sponsoring the community’s Green Commute Week each spring. During the event, commuters who walk, bike, carpool or use public transit receive discounts for helping to keep the air clean.

ng Green - Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Simpatico Coffee

Perhaps the biggest green movement Holland has to offer is exactly that – GREENS!

Holland has one of the area’s largest farmers’ markets, filled every Wednesday and Saturday morning (May-November) with vendors from local farms all over West Michigan. Eating a plant-based, locally grown diet is perhaps one of the most sustainable things you can do on an individual level (not to mention the health and economic benefits!), especially if you seek out farms which use organic farming methods to maintain optimum soil and plant health without harmful chemicals. The options are abundant!

While you’re at the farmers’ market, swing by the Simpatico Coffee tent to grab a cup of some of Holland’s best coffee and support another local business working hard to give back to their community through sustainability efforts.

Holland is Going Green - Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Simpatico Coffee

Why do Holland natives and tourists alike go crazy for Simpatico?

In addition to serving the #1 rated low acid coffee, Simpatico is committed to responsibility in every step of their process. They are a certified Straight Trade company, providing family farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico with above-fair trade wages in exchange for their best all-natural, shade-grown beans (responsibly grown and bird friendly!). The beans are then roasted in the Revelation Roaster, the world’s most energy efficient coffee roaster which uses less than 1 cent of energy per pound of coffee, completely emissions-free. Simpatico also uses earth-friendly packaging whenever possible, offers recycled burlap coffee sacks, and composts their coffee grounds for use in local gardens.

Planning a trip for summer’s last hurrah?

Visit the Holland Farmers Market and see for yourself why West Michigan locals and businesses alike are working hard to preserve their small town charm!


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