#HealthyMe is a Healthy Michigan - Awesome Mitten

#HealthyMe is a Healthy Michigan

#HealthyMe is a Healthy Michigan - Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy A Healthier Michigan.

This article was written in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

For those of you that aren’t familiar, Michigan-based health insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM), works diligently to bring health and wellness information to Michiganders regardless of who they choose as their carrier. A Healthier Michigan highlights food, fitness, creating healthy communities, wellness at work, and ways to care for mental health. This is all in celebration with how these things work in Michigan. Last year, one of the A Healthier Michigan team members went on a journey of healthfulness by doing all the things that BCBSM recommends for their members. You may be familiar with #HealthyMurr. This year, they are taking on an even bigger initiative with #HealthyMe!

HealthyMe is a health and wellness community supported by A Healthier Michigan that empowers Michigan residents to live a healthier life. This includes personalized content for each participant’s health journey, a health goal tracker, and access to a community of other Michiganders working on similar goals. Just like David Murray’s #HealthyMurr journey, participants are encouraged to talk about their triumphs and tribulations using #HealthyMe.

“Going on a journey to change my lifestyle and become healthier, was no easy task. We started HealthyMe to create a community where people can encourage one another to keep striving to reach their health goals. I lost 62 pounds during my HealthMurr journey by adjusting my diet and increasing my activity. Our hope is that people who want to be healthier will be able to use HealthyMe as a resource to support their individual health journeys”, said David Murray, social media manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

The team at A Healthier Michigan is making it their prerogative to explore ways to both celebrate Michigan and live healthy lifestyles. You’ll be seeing wellness-inspired content from all sorts of places all the way from Detroit to the Upper Peninsula.

#HealthyMe is a Healthy Michigan - Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.

Since BCBSM is located in Detroit, they have forged a partnership with the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy to inspire Detroiters and other Michiganders to get active in the city. Some of those activities include:

Walk the RiverWalk Wednesdays – BCBSM and the RiverFront are encouraging folks to spend their lunch hour on the river and logging their progress online. The more times you check in, the more prizes you’re eligible for!

Weekly fitness classes – Free yoga and Tai’Chi classes will be offered at Rivard Plaza. Find the details here.

Riverfront Fit Park – In 2015, BCBSM and the RiverFront will unveil a fitness park with bootcamp-style equipment that is free to the community. Details are yet to be determined.

Are you ready to begin your Michigan-inspired health and wellness journey with #HealthyMe? Register here to begin your #HealthyMe journey. What do you do to stay active in our fair Mitten State?

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