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Happy Hour in the Mitten: An Introduction

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At the bar, you make friends, reacquaint yourself with old pals, fight, make peace, lose money, and gain confidence— perhaps all in one night.  A good bar exudes a sense of community, and great things can happen over a shared cocktail or pint.  At AM, we’re all about the community here in our great state, so when I was approached to write a drinks column I tried to focus on people as they relate to drinks, not just the drinks themselves.  I knew no one would want to read beer reviews, because it’s already being done by far more knowledgeable writers, like our friends over at or The Beer Dude Ben Darcie at Revue.  Instead, I’ve decided to try something a little different.

How It Works

Beer - The Awesome Mitten
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Each month, my wonderful editors and Alex the Creator will run their fingers through their Rolodexes and pick out someone important in the state of Michigan.  This person might be someone who runs a cool business, an interesting artist, someone who brews beer, or whoever my higher-ups deem interesting.  I will then get in contact with them to grab a drink or two at a happy hour establishment of their choice.

At the beginning of our meeting, I will ask each month’s guest to select a Michigan beer or cocktail for both themselves and me.  Hopefully, we can have a short conversation about the selected drink:  what it’s like, why did the guest pick this drink, an “if you like this you might like (insert drink here)” scenario, etc.  Once we spend a few minutes on the drinks, we’ll move on.  After that, my goal is to have a conversation with each guest.  I want to know what they do, why they are important, why you, our readers, would want to know about the guest.

Cheers - The Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Alex Beaton

Just like any happy hour, our meeting will be fairly open ended.  We can grab a drink or two, see where the conversation takes us, and hope that what we talk about will be of some interest to readers of AM.

I’m looking forward to writing the column. If you have any suggestions about anything, especially who we should interview, be sure to comment below.

~Jake Cagle, Feature Writer

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