Grand Rapids Couture for a Cure - Awesome Mitten

From Backstage: Grand Rapids Couture for a Cure

Grand Rapids Couture for a Cure - Awesome Mitten
Photo Courtesy of Leighs

I am exhausted, guys. I volunteered my time this past Thursday, October 9th with Leigh’s in Grand Rapids, MI to help them with the 9th annual Couture for a Cure fashion show held at the Van Andel Institute. Leigh’s is a high-end clothing store offering name brand clothing often found only in major cities. As a part of their mission, they “…delight in indulging [their] customer with the finest fashion, while delivering exceptional service” which was made abundantly clear during my time with them this past week.  Let me tell you, it’s such a whirlwind putting on this event! I have volunteered with Leigh’s for two years now, leaving with blisters on my feet and a hankering for a cold Michigan beer both times. The week of the event includes model fittings, styling outfits, packing them in garment bags, steaming, sewing, and everything but the kitchen sink. Although, we might have brought that along this year as well!

Grand Rapids Couture for a Cure - Awesome Mitten
Photo Courtesy of

Couture for a Cure is not only a fashion show that features clothes from Leigh’s, but also features an upcoming collection by a top designer. Last years’ show brought Cynthia Rose to Grand Rapids and this year we were fortunate to have Kevin Hall and his spring clothing line join us!

The squad of Leigh’s staff and volunteers decked out in black are each assigned a model to dress the day of the event. Once the show starts, there is nothing going through any of our heads except “Pull down that zipper” and “Button up that shirt” or “Those aren’t her shoes!” It might seem simple but I’ve never worked as hard as I do for those ten minutes, backstage at the show in my life! At the end of the show, guests (including many of West Michigan’s elite) gather to socialize, snack and drink.

Grand Rapids Couture for a Cure
The runway grows in length each year to meet the needs of the large crowd.

Tickets are sold to the general public a month or so before the date of the event and proceeds go towards the Van Andel Institutes pediatric cancer research.

Will you be attending Grand Rapids Couture for a Cure next year? (PS – The answer is YES!)

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