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Freshii Comes to Downtown Grand Rapids

Courtesy of facebook.com/freshiigr
Courtesy of facebook.com/freshiigr

As a self proclaimed non-chain restaurant-goer I always get a little bummed when a new chain restaurant finds its way to Downtown Grand Rapids. So, when I heard about Freshii coming to the downtown district part of me really wanted to boycott it entirely. However, my health-nut side and the constant fear of missing out on the hip new thing got the best of me. Alas, I strayed from my non-chain ways and ventured out to see what all the buzz was about. Let’s just say I’ve found my new go-to quick, healthy, stop-after work and pick up dinner option, for when I don’t feel like cooking or dealing with crowds.

Courtesy of facebook.com/freshiigr
Courtesy of facebook.com/freshiigr

With endless healthy options and combinations of salads, burritos, and soups they have something for everyone. In fact one of their mantras is literally “meals for all.” Their goal is to cater to all dietary restrictions. Providing a fresh and nutritious meal choice that energizes people on the go is really what this company is all about. With its convenient downtown location, Freshii is the perfect spot to grab a health lunch during work to get you through the rest of the work day.

Not only does Freshii defy all fast food stereotypes with healthy choices, but they also put a strong emphasis on, as they call it, “let’s be good to the earth.” Ultimately, they are doing everything they can to eliminate traditional industry staples such as excess packaging, heavy energy consumption, and greasy processed meals. Most of their packaging is from eco-friendly vegetable starches like corn or potatoes, and their restaurants don’t require energy hungry dishwashers, hoods, ranges, or ovens.

If Freshii didn’t already give every other fast food joint in town a bad name, they are also a partner with Free The Children. Together they strive to help nourish and energize children and communities in the developing world by building school kitchens and vegetable gardens, all funded by the purchase of limited edition reusable bowls.

Courtesy of facebook.com/freshiigr
Courtesy of facebook.com/freshiigr

To think this eco-friendly, veggie-loving restaurant was all started by a former marketing manager at Oscar de La Renta. As a  New York City resident, Matthew Corrin frequented one too many unhealthy fast food joints for lunch. He set out to create a restaurant that would change the way people eat for the better. His main goal was to eliminate the excuse that people don’t eat well because there’s nothing convenient or affordable. Today Freshii is in 35 cities and 8 countries around the world. What took them so long to get to Grand Rapids!?

Next time you’re downtown and need to grab a quick bite to eat don’t be swayed by greasy fries. Give Freshii a try. I swear it isn’t just another chain restaurant.

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