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Fit for Foodies: Michigan Gift Guide

Looking for the best Michigan gift ideas for every Michigander (or Michigander at heart) on your holiday shopping list? We’ve curated the Ultimate Michigan Gifts Guide and are fine-tuning it weekly!

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It’s that time of year again to start searching out the best gifts for everyone in your life and we have compiled amazing Michigan Gift Guides to help you this season. Whether you’re shopping for those who specifically love all things Michigan or you’re trying to find a unique gift for the ultimate foodie in your life we’ve handpicked what we think best represents Michigan’s culinary experience. Enjoy our Michigan Gift Guide for Foodies!

Sweet Gifts for Foodies in Michigan

Dave’s Sweet Tooth

Pouch Collection
Photo Courtesy of Dave’s Sweet Tooth

Savory sweets from the heart of Detroit! Dave Chmielewski, a retired Detroit Fire Fighter, started his business out of his kitchen in 2011 with his son following his passion for making toffee. You’ll be pleased with these melt in your mouth delicious confections which will change how you perceive toffee.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Pouch Collection

Collection of their five best toffee creations: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Crunch, Dark Chocolate Cherry, and Coffee Toffee.

Cherry Republic

Cherry Quartet
Photo courtesy of Cherry Republic

From selling t-shirts out of the trunk of a car to becoming the largest exclusive retailer of cherry food creations, Cherry Republic, is a must for foodies of Michigan! For those cherry lovers, this company has a huge variety of cherry confections to satisfy any palette for almost any occasion.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: The Big Three

Cherry Republic’s very first gift box remains one of our best-selling! Chalk it up to three generous-sized bags of our classic products, including plump, tart Northern Michigan dried cherries. Perfect for sharing (or just keeping all to yourself.)


Cherry Trio
Photo courtesy of Jampot

As a quaint little shop of northern Michigan, you may be surprised that they carry some of the best preservatives in the entire state. With such a large variety, any baker would feel indulged with a tasty gift from Jampot. Their large selection includes preserves, confections, fruitcake, and coffee that are all locally sourced and produced goods.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Cherry Trio

Includes Black Cherry Jam, Red Cherry Jam, and Cherry Butter.

Mid-East Pastry Delight

Photo Courtesy Of
Photo courtesy of Mid-East Pastry Delight

“The Proof is in the Bite!” Voted #1 in Middle Eastern Baklava and Sweets they specialize in baklava, sugar-free baklava, sweets, and cakes. Handed down through generations, their expertise is still set on making everything by hand with the purest ingredients. These sweets will surely transport you to another part of the world with every bite.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Custom Assorted Baklava Half Tray

A special selection of Baklava Sweets of Lady Fingers, Pistachio Baklava, Busma, Bird’s Nests, Burma Circles, Half Moon, and Ballouria baklava.

Grand Traverse Pie Company

Cherry Crumb
Photo courtesy of Grand Traverse Pie Company

If you have a pie fanatic in your life there is certainly no better gift than a pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company. These amazingly delicious desserts are cultivated from the best local products, including Michigan’s amazing cherries.  With their vast variety of great products, you should definitely order a treat for yourself while shopping for others on your holiday list.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Grand Traverse Cherry Crumb

Their top-selling pie is made with Michigan Montmorency cherries and it’s the signature pie of the National Cherry Festival.

Murdick’s Fudge

Mackinac Summer
Photo courtesy of Murdick’s Fudge

Celebrating 130 years of creating the best fudge in Northern Michigan (in 2018), this is a must-try for anyone who’s never had Murdick’s fudge. Not only is it a rich and sweet treat, but it also captures the identity of Mackinac Island itself.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Five Slice Box

Includes five different ½-pound slices of Mackinac Island fudge, your choice out of twelve best-selling flavors.

Salty Gift Ideas for Michigan Foodies

Germack Pistachio Company

Signature Basket
Photo courtesy of Germack Pistachio Company

As the oldest roaster of pistachio nuts in the United States they specialize in that nut specifically, but they also produce a diverse selection of nuts, seeds, and coffee.  This certainly is a classic taste of Michigan and would be a creatively delicious stocking stuffer.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Germack Gift Basket – Signature Paper Bags (Roasted & Salted)

A perfect trio, that comes with their most popular favorites including an 11 oz. of natural colossal pistachios, 13 oz. large whole cashews and 13 oz. fancy mixed nuts (no peanuts).

McClure’s Pickles

The Four Pack
Photo Courtesy of McClure’s Pickles

Who would’ve thought that pickles are Pure Michigan? In 2006, McClure’s Pickles made that revelation a reality after years of making pickles in their tiny Michigan kitchen. If you have a pickle lover in your life or anyone who enjoys salty delicacies then this will be a mighty delectable gift.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: COMBO PACK

This hearty collection lets you choose 4 or 12 jars of your choice, but we recommend 1 Bloody Mary, 1 Spicy Pickle, 1 Garlic Dill Pickle, and 1 Sweet & Spicy Pickle.

Sweet & Salty Foodie Gifts Ideas for Michiganders

Grand Rapids Popcorn Company

Grand Rapids Popcorn Company

Photo courtesy of Grand Rapids Popcorn Company

A staple in Grand Rapids since 1944, Grand Rapids Popcorn Company was a true “Mom and Pop” operation first selling corn kernels and popping supplies out of their home. Today, the business is now run by the 3rd generation of the family and continues to make popcorn like they did from the start with fresh daily popped products and the best ingredients to ensure their quality flavor. There’s truly a flavor for anyone as they specialize in a huge variety of unique flavors such as Christmas Crunch and Peppermint Hot Cocoa Popcorn.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Holiday Signature Sampler

A variety of Grand Rapids Popcorn favorites including Butter Popcorn, Christmas Crunch Popcorn, Caramel Corn, Drizzle Popcorn, and Cinnamon Nuts.

Hearty Meats to Gift Michigan Foodies

Srodek’s Campau Quality Sausage Co.

Krajana Kielbasa
Photo courtesy of Srodek’s Campau Quality Sausage Co.

Srodek’s is notably one of the best upscale markets in Hamtramck with their focus on rich Polish and European foods including kielbasa, sauerkraut, pierogi, and stuffed cabbage. For those adventurous foodies or those looking to reconnect with their heritage, you’ll be able to find the perfect delicacy with a welcoming Homestyle taste and flavor.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Chunky Veal & Pork Smoked Sausage – Krajana Kielbasa

Referred to as the Chunky Style or Holiday Kielbasa their hand-cut veal and pork kielbasa is made from the finest quality meats and varies in weight between 2-3 pounds.

National Coney Island

Coney Kit
Photo courtesy of National Coney Island

Perfect for any occasion, this kit allows you to create these world famous delicacies wherever you are. As one of the most recognizable foods specific to Michigan, a coney dog is a perfect gift to transport generations of people back to their first time trying a coney.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Coney Kit

As an all-inclusive kit, it comes with their natural casing hot dogs, steamed buns, National Chili Sauce, freshly diced onions, and mustard to create their world famous coneys.

Drinks Michigan Foodies Love as Gifts

Higher Grounds Coffee Company

Higher Grounds Coffee Collection
Photo by Higher Grounds Coffee

This company prides itself on high standards for ethical and environmental reasons meaning they specifically only roast fair trade and organic coffee from around the world. Their quality standards and close relationships to farmers make all of their products a healthy, delicious, and satisfying experience.

Awesome Mitten Suggestion: Coffees for Change

Not only does this collection include custom blended coffee crafted for non-profits such as Schools for Chiapas, Fishtown Preservation Society, and Watershed Center of Grand Traverse Bay, but a portion of the proceeds from every sale go to various nonprofit organizations.

Other Awesome Gifts for Michigan Foodies

Mitten Crate

Mitten Crate
Photo courtesy of Mitten Crate

If you’re down to the wire and needed the perfect gift like yesterday, Mitten Crate is your savior! A subscription to this company means receiving a box filled with a diverse mix of Michigan made artisan foods that change every month.  Whether you need to send a gift far away or around the corner, this magnificent surprise can only be from Pure Michigan!

Crossroads Blueberry Market Holiday Gift Collection

Crossroads Blueberry Holiday Collection
Photo Courtesy of Crossroads Blueberry Market

Customize your blueberry gift basket to fit any palette with their wide variety of products! This is a deliciously awesome gift since you can personalize each basket making it perfect for whomever you are giving it to! Choose from baskets like their Breakfast-Themed Gift Basket, Gourmet Gift Box, Best of Blueberries Basket, or their Sweet Tooth Gift Basket for the chocolate lovers in your life! You can also create your own custom ensemble if you can’t decide on one of their existing collections!

What’s your favorite Michigan gift to give or receive? Let us know in the comments below!

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