Hell, Michigan

Fishing for the Hell of It

You might be a Michigander if you know WHY Paradise is colder than Hell.

Location, right? Speaking of Hell…

The famed town in the Southeast region of the Mitten is unique in many ways. Whether you are visiting Screams Ice Cream, Hell Hole Diner, or buying your own small plot of land, this town became famous by theming the entire town around, well to put it simply – HELL and the ghoulish hauntings of devils.

As You'd Expect, The Theme Of Hell Is Everywhere In Hell, Mi. Photo By Michele Eichstead
As you’d expect, the theme of Hell is everywhere in Hell, MI. Photo by Michele Eichstead

So how do we relax in Hell? Go fishing, of course!

There are several small lakes and rivers in Hell, all fed by Hell Creek, and they are all part of the Huron River Watershed. Each lake that makes up the river system is very different, making this river system unique to the area and excellent for fishing.

Hell lies within the Pinckney State Recreation Area, which offers public access to modern boat ramps throughout the lakes. In a small boat or kayak, you have the ability to navigate the lake channels and rivers from Half-Moon and Bruin Lake through Watson and Patterson Lake. Or if swimming is more your thing, Half-Moon Lake is great for a relaxing beach day.

The Many Lakes In Hell Are Part Of The Huron River Watershed. Photo By Michele Eichstead
The many lakes in Hell are part of the Huron River Watershed. Photo by Michele Eichstead

From local knowledge, there are healthy populations of smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pan fish, pike, catfish and carp. All areas of the lake can produce fish from deeper main lake points and drop offs, to running the banks, or fishing the creeks and rivers. Bass in excess of five pounds are not uncommon along with pike exceeding 38 inches, as you can image stats like this can make for an exciting day on the water! Pan fishes your deal? 15-inch crappie and hand sized bull blue gills can make for not only a great experience but a great meal as well.

As for bait choices, the almighty night crawler is a fan favorite for locals. But for the seasoned anglers, the recommendation is a square bill or some type of flipping bait, like a Texas rigged creature of about 4.5 inches. Natural colors that match the forage like bluegill and sunfish colors are most effective from about mid-May through August. Put on a 1.4 once weight with 25 pound test for your flipping and 10-15 pounds on your crank bait, and your rod is ready to go!

Fishing In Hell. Photo By Michele Eichstead
Fishing in Hell. Photo by Michele Eichstead

For travelers coming from out of town to fish these charming lakes, you can reserve a campsite at Bruin Lake Campground, Pinckney State Recreation Area or Hell Creek Ranch Campground, all within minutes of lake access.

Looking for other activities to do in Hell besides fishing or boating? You’re in luck! The newly renovated Hell Saloon (formerly known as Damn Site) offers eats and brews, but they’re best known for their Bloody Mary’s. If mountain biking your thing, the Pottawatomi Mountain Bike Trail system is ranked among the top in the country.

If you are into fishing or looking for a truly exceptional adventure – or maybe to simply say you have been to the lakes of Hell – then do it, “Go to Hell!”

Do you have a favorite fishing spot in Hell? Let us know in the comments!

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