FestivAle Starts Winter Off Right in Metro Detroit

FestivAle Starts Winter Off Right in Metro Detroit

banner_festivaleWaking up the morning after the Detroit Fall Beer Festival, my head was a crazy cluster of jackhammers and hops. Don’t get me wrong, that can be a good thing. Trying to piece together the prior day, I dug through my pockets for all the treasures that can be found post-beer festival. Left over tokens, lint and miscellaneous things filled my pockets, but I managed to pull out a flyer for an event called FestivAle, a holiday party featuring Michigan beer and bluegrass hosted by One Eye’d Betty’s in Ferndale.

Upon reviewing the flyer at hand, my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets after finally coming to grips with what was taking place on November 22nd. Major crowd favorites in the Michigan bluegrass scene will be in attendance such as the Crane Wives, The Accidentals and The Ragbirds  – not to mention beer from the state’s top notch breweries.

“There are so many cool things to do in Ferndale in the summertime, some really great festivals.  With FestivALE, I want to give the people something fun to do in the winter and during the holiday season, ” said Beth Hussey, organizer of the event.

The beer selection will be as awesome as it always is at Betty’s, but with a holiday twist. All of the brews on hand will be of the seasonal sort. Taking place outside in a massive heated tent, beer, food and Christmas trees will be plenty. Featuring Dark Horse, Short’s, Greenbush and Odd Side Ales, just to name a few, will be flowing all day long and there will even be “Very Special” beer booths that will be tapping unique “Pub Only” beers.

Cold-weather comfort food will be served to compliment your holiday beverage as you10293607_666911270088923_4047905790520194628_o rejoice in Michigan bliss all day long. Whole roast pig, lamb, goat and even portabella mushrooms will fuel your belly as you toast next to a bonfire and are entertained by local street performers. Inside the restaurant, pinball machines will be spread throughout, all free of charge, so your inner wizard can unleash finger flipping flurry.

To top everything off, Michigan bluegrass will fill the air. There is really no better way to kick off the start of another beautiful Michigan winter. From all across the state folk lovers will flock to see the likes of Ann Arbor legends, Ragbirds, Traverse City up and comers, The Accidentals, Grand Rapids’ own Crane Wives, and from around the Detroit area, Escaping Pavement, with many other fantastic folkies throughout the day as well.

“All in all, I love Michigan and I love the fact that people in Michigan are willing to come out to a cold-weather event and I intend to continue to improve this event so that it can grow over the years and become that one party that you will never want to miss,” explains Hussey.

Festivities kick off at noon on November 22nd and you can get tickets here for $30, or at the door day for $35, each ticket includes an awesome commemorative cup and 3 drink/food tokens.

Keep us in the loop! What are your favorite winter events in Michigan?