Detroit Fall

Autumn Across the Mitten: A Detroiter’s Experience

Photo courtesy of Jonathon Arnston
Photo courtsey of Jonathon Arnston

Michigan is never more beautiful than in the fall. From the rolling, coastal hills outside Traverse City to generations-old cider mills that seem to rival McDonald’s in number, Michigan was built for fall enjoyment. Even the color of the sunlight feels happier.

I grew up in a small Lake Michigan beach town and often find myself desensitized to the charms that lure visitors to Michigan this time of year. Even still, I am easily hypnotized when the road goes higher in elevation and an inflamed fall panorama opens before me. Every time it’s early afternoon, I wish I could transport me and my car to US 31 in Honor, Michigan. When driving south between Honor and Beulah, the road turns into a roller coaster whose thrills are all about the amazing views of forests, lakes, and tiny towns. In the fall, the expanse before you looks like all the colors of seventy carpets haphazardly laid out across the landscape. Hundreds of shades of brown, red, orange, yellow, and green blanket the world. The ominous clouds that seem to always drape Michigan skies in fall, act as curtains to a room with a draft and lots of afghans.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Addison

Sadly, I cannot leave Detroit this fall, but I am not without the spectacular fall views (and I don’t even have to go to the outer suburbs to get them). One of the best fall views in Detroit is heading north on Mt Elliott Avenue just before it joins Caniff Street. There’s this blissful moment when you and your car rise above the industrial grid, and you feel like you’re the king or queen of Detroit.

So while everyone else gets to see the natural beauty of Michigan’s autumn, I will have to settle for the ten seconds I feel like royalty on Mt. Elliott Avenue. But I will absolutely have some cider on hand.

Where are some of your favorite places in Detroit to enjoy fall?

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  1. Oh wow! I am new to the Mitten State and am thoroughly enjoying the colours at the moment! Had I known about the drive on US 31 you described, I would’ve taken my sister who was visiting this week; I’ve only JUST dropped her off at the airport!! Good one to know for next time though! Thank you for the lovely article

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