Capturing the Essence of Summer with Short’s Nicie

Capturing the Essence of Summer with Short’s Nicie

Whether you’re enjoying a day at the lake or you’re watching America’s favorite pastime, every Michigander knows that a Michigan craft beer is the perfect accent to a perfect summer day. For me, that means sipping on a Short’s Brewing Company’s “Nicie” – formerly known as “Nicie Spicie.”

Nicie is an American Wheat Ale brewed with orange zest, lemon zest, coriander, and a hint of peppercorn. If that doesn’t scream summer, I’m not sure what could.

Nicie - The Awesome Mitten
Nicie rebrand timeline courtesy of Short’s Brewing Company.

Joe Short, owner of Short’s, created this beer and continues to proclaim it as a favorite. In fact, he says it’s “the essence of summer in a beer.” The recent rebranding of Nicie was a move to give the beer more of a personality in Short’s already stellar line-up, and the team wanted to create a character that really showed how Nicie is the perfect accompaniment to a summer day.

To show their excitement about the arrival of summer in Northern Michigan, the folks at Short’s invite you to join them on June 18, 2016 at their Annual Summer Kick Off Party: Celebrating the Season of Nicie.

Nicie - The Awesome Mitten
Annual Summer Kick Off Party: Celebrating the Season of Nicie courtesy of Short’s Brewing Company.

We’re so eager for summer to get here, we decided to pass the time by taking some of the ways that Short’s describes Nicie and pairing them with occasions that really capture the essence of summer in Michigan.

Nicie is Refreshing

When you’re out on the lake or baking in the summer sun on one of Michigan’s numerous sandy beaches, there is nothing more intensely satisfying than a refreshing beer. Seriously, the beer you drink should match the feelings of supreme joy that come from drenching your body in the freshwater of the Great Lakes. The best part? Nicie is being released in cans this summer to be that much more accommodating to summer needs.

Nicie is Sessionable

One of the best parts of summer is who you get to share it with – family and friends. Potlucks and barbecues abound seemingly every weekend in some capacity or another, and having a go-to session beer is the foolproof way to make sure every event involving lots of eating and time outside is experienced to its fullest. When you think of sessionable beers, it’s usually the less interesting, easy-drinking beers that come to mind. With Nicie, there’s no need to trade flavor for a session beer.

Nicie is Quenching

Whether you’re watching the Detroit Tigers or the Traverse City Beach Bums, drinking beer makes it all that much more exciting (or bearable, depending on the game). Baseball is America’s pastime, but those games can be hot in the Michigan summer sun. A cold Nicie is quenching in all of the best ways possible. There are plenty of places to grab a Nicie on tap before, during, and after a Tigers game (or your local team’s game). Have you checked out the Michigan Craft bar behind Section 104 at Comerica Park?

Nicie is Peaceful

Nothing – literally nothing – beats a Michigan sunset. We all know that days can be long and humid in this big, beautiful state. But when the sun starts to go down, and you have a beer in your hand, you begin to forget (even if it’s just for a moment) the stresses of the day or week. Nicie is orange-gold in color, so it’s a perfect complement to the color palette of the sun settling into the horizon. This is when you should take a deep breath, feel the peaceful nature of Nicie settle in around you like the cool air that comes with the setting sun, and then muster up the energy to start that campfire.

Nicie is Beautiful and Elegant

Summer in Michigan is synonymous with wedding season. A perfect wedding reception should absolutely be complemented by the perfect Michigan beer. Nicie has a little bit of sass in there, but overall, the beer is beautiful and elegant. Sounds like the right kind of party to us! Adding a Nicie to some tunes and dancing, tons of friends and family, a subtle breeze off of one of Michigan’s many lakes, and a beautiful couple solidifying their partnership sounds like a rad way to throw a party.

Nicie - The Awesome Mitten
New Nicie label courtesy of Short’s Brewing Company.

What are some of the ways that you capture the essence of summer? What are some of your favorite Michigan beers you like to drink that make Michigan summers truly great?