diva 0068 Enjoy camping with your Home Canned Goods

Enjoy camping with your Home Canned Goods

Courtesy of The Canning Diva
Courtesy of The Canning Diva

Summer is on the way out and fall is just around the corner. Are you ready to cram in a few last minute get-a-ways? Think camping! We Michiganders have full access to amazing state parks and gorgeous bodies of water.  Packing up the RV or camping rustic style is a tradition for many families.  So this summer, break away from the mundane hot dogs and burgers and head to your favorite camping spot with your home-canned goods in tote!

Here are some delicious, easy to transport and store, food solutions when vacationing in Michigan rounding out your summer:

  • Make a campfire pie using your home-canned pie filling!  If you took advantage of the strawberry season in Michigan bring along your Rhubarb Strawberry Pie Filling and WOW your campers!  Another fun campfire dessert is using your home-canned Apple Pie Filling!  Simply take two pieces of white bread, add about 2-3 heaping tablespoons of pie filling to the center of one slice, add the second slice on top and place into a campfire pie holder and roast atop the flames.
  • Serving hot dogs and burgers?  Replace traditional pickle relish with your delicious Homestyle Corn Relish and enhance the flavor of this traditional meal!
  • Enjoy some fun in the sun with a cocktail or two the day before?  Add a garden of pickled flavor to your morning Bloody Mary.  Bring along pickled asparagus, Brussels sprouts and dilly beans and plunk them inside!
  • Getting together with friends and need a simple dish to pass?  Bring along a pint of my Signature Strawberry Salsa and a brick of cream cheese!  Using a slotted spoon, display the salsa on top of the softened cream cheese and serve with a side of tortilla chips!
  • Had your fill of hot dogs and burgers?  Bring along a quart or two of home-canned chicken breasts, flour tortillas, a packet of taco seasonings and shredded cheese!  Over the campfire, mix together the shredded chicken and seasoning.  When heated through simply place inside a flour tortilla shell and adorn with cheese!

Incorporating your home-canned goods when camping is a convenient way to eat healthy, save some cash and use less cooler space.  Sealed mason jars travel well and only need to be stored in a cool place upon opening.  This summer break the norm and bring along items from your personal pantry!

For more fun recipes and meal creation tips, visit the Canning Diva at www.CanningDiva.com.

Diane Devereaux, the Canning Diva

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