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Dine Drink Detroit

dine drink detroit
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The City of Detroit has scads of delectable choices of traditional restaurants, gastropubs, as well as oodles of bars with solid menu options. Co-organizers of Dine Drink Detroit, Kate Williams, Executive Chef and Managing Partner at Rodin, and Scott Rutterbush, Partner at Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown, saw an opportunity in all of these choices. Starting October 10 and going through October 16, restaurant-goers can go to participating restaurants and enjoy food and drinks for $15. Williams explains, “We feel there are a lot of small, privately owned food and beverage businesses that have interesting concepts and are doing cool things in the city, so we wanted to expose and highlight those for people. Like, ‘look what’s really happening!’.”

Participating restaurants and Dine Drink Detroit are excited to have an impact on the ways people perceive Detroit and its food options. “We are hoping it will bring some people into the city to enjoy the week and experience places that maybe they haven’t before and get to see more of what Detroit has to offer. We also wanted to give back to the city, which is why we (along with all the business owners) are giving a portion of the proceeds to benefit Detroit Riverfront Conservancy,” says Williams. Not only will foodies be able to enjoy the restaurant offerings, but they will be helping to improve the community of Detroit at the same time.

Community is significant in the growth of Detroit, and events like Dine Drink Detroit highlight the importance of working together for a common goal and emphasis on the positive elements of the city. Participating restaurants are committed to the city they call home, that commitment manifests itself in meticulous food and beverage offerings . Rutterbush explains, “We reached out to places with a thoughtful food AND drink program that wanted to feature an offering of both at a $15 price point. The result was 13 bars and restaurants that can’t wait to showcase the things they do best.”

Restaurants will be preparing something special for the week, so foodies will have the opportunity to try something new if they are already a patron. If it’s something brand new, hopefully this will be the catalyst to make patrons a regular customer. Participants in Dine Drink Detroit for 2013 are below:

Sponsors of the event include Zipcar and Uber. If foodies take an Uber to the Riverfront, Belle Isle, Campus Martius or Michigan Central Station on October 10, 14, 15 or 16, you can get 15% off your ride and new users can get $25 off their first Uber ride. Are you ready to find out more about the awesome food options in Detroit? What restaurant on this list is your favorite, and which restaurant are you ready to try?

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