The Vonneguts scaled Detroit's Dally in the Alley

Detroit’s Dally in the Alley

Courtesy of @Chaspics

Detroit’s Dally in the Alley celebrated its 37th year this past weekend. Weaving in and around Midtown, a wonderful bunch of weirdos gathered together for a whole Saturday consisting of friends, food, and fun.  A favorite of people far and wide for years, it’s easy to see why this righteous block party is the only way to say farewell to summer in Detroit.

Thriving for years thanks to the North Cass Community Union, this street fair runs sponsorship free just north of the historic Cass Corridor between Forest and Hancock Streets near the campus of Wayne State University. Vendors line alleyways using their creative drive to spread the love of Detroit from wares ranging from apparel to pottery. Without the hard work done by the NCCU, Dally would not have been able to stand the test of time like it has.

Courtesy of @Chaspics

Dally is not just one hell of a party, it also contributes projects that the NCCU is a part of around Midtown and the Cass Corridor. From supporting local soup kitchens, sponsoring Burton Theater’s Detroit International Film Festival, and even helping the alleys get plowed during the frigid winter months. It’s organizations like the NCCU that keep the pulse alive on areas surrounding downtown Detroit.

The city’s rich music history is represented just as uniquely as the art, from garage rock, techno, and even a brass band, all sorts of music make an appearance. At one point this year, the brass band lead a small parade throughout the alleys. All day long, every turn whether it’s on the dance floor or throughout the alley brings a smile to one’s face.

This year’s dally was so jubilant it couldn’t even hold the electricity! All of a sudden a transformer lit up the night’s sky and everyone made their way back to their perspective parts of the city. It was clear this year, and every year, that Dally in the Alley is one Detroit staple that will continue on for 37 more years.

Courtesy of @ChasPics



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