photo 7 Brew Tour: Detroit Joints

Brew Tour: Detroit Joints

Grand Trunk Pub

Forans, Grand Trunk, whatever you call it, walking into this immaculate building may be more breathtaking than their draft selection, but lets not get carried away. Dating back to the early 1900’s as ticket office for Grand Trunk Railway, this is not your ordinary pub, and it’s even rumored Harry Houdini had a magic shop beneath this majestic building. With 24 beers on draft and ALL of them being from Michigan, yes all of ’em, this is definitely my hideout when downtown. Their enormously long bar is the perfect spot to poach after any and all sporting events because while the rest of the crowd is drinking luke warm waste water, you can casually relax with a tall class of Michigan craft.

Grub of choice: Chevy Club – Grilled chicken. Swiss. Avalon bread. Dank.

Woodbridge Pub

photo 5
Hopslam & Pie-Sci @BrewChaz

My first move to Detroit was to Woodbridge, a charming little spot lined with Victorian homes, some have stood the test of time while others have seen better days. I was fortunate enough to live only two blocks away from “The Pub,” so there’s been many a nights spent laughing at this beautifully dim lit bar till last call. I’ve always been one for quality over quantity and thats how it works around the pub. They may not have draft lines for days, but their attention to detail on their selection is just as impressive as the actual pub itself. Originally an old general store build in 1962, it was picked up by owner Jim Geary and completely re-fabricated into a Woodbridge’s watering hole.

Grub of choice: Sundaze- AM- Their famous brunch with the likes of bottomless mimosas and Salmon eggs benedict. PM- Pie-Sci, a dangerous duo who love nothing more then creating outlandishly eccentric pizzas with names like Pulled Pjörk and Brussel Crowe.

Slows Bar-B-Q

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Dogfish Head 120 @BrewChaz

For first timers, two major feats are ahead of you, choosing your beer and finding the door. After a couple double takes and some sly people watching, you’ll find your way inside, greeted by a cozy family style surrounding. Gazing stupidly at the draft board, you’ll find your chin hovering above the ground with a small patch of saliva beneath it. With such an eclectic list of brews, ranging from west coast staples like Stone and Green Flash to mysterious Michigan ales that you won’t find in any beer cooler near you. I was even graced with the holy grail of all IPAs, Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute, literally gold in a glass. Corktown’s flagship restaurant has helped pave rugged Michigan Avenue with booming new store fronts, charismatic characters, and some beer-a-preciation to Detroit’s oldest neighborhood.

Grub of choice: BBQ Wings: These dry-rubbed beauties don’t even need sauce to do them justice.

Bronx Bar

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Bronx Bombers @Chaspics

When I’m looking for a spot to just post up and enjoy a beer with a friend, I flock to the Bronx. It’s vibrant red pool table, dingy lighting and exceptional jukebox make it a simply unique, any-day-of the week jam. Now, I know you may not think of the Bronx as a draft beer mecca, but whats the point of beer, if at the end of the day you can’t sit down and enjoy it? Neslted in the heart of Midtown, The Bronx provides the best walks of life and even better music, that home away from home, without mom and dishes.

Grub of choice: Bloodies & Breakfast- That AM fix to put you back in the game, a chronicle breakfast menu accompanied by a build your own bloody mary bar that puts fate in your own hands.

HopCat Detroit

Yeah it’s not open yet, but 130 beers on tap. Nuff said.

Grub of choice: Who needs food when you have beer? 

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