Day 1: Movement Electronic Music Festival

“Welcome to Detroit” sign at front gate to Movement - Photo by Jon Miller


“Detroit is like rock and roll.  It’s like soul.  Detroit is like the whole idea of cool.  If you have to explain it to someone, they probably won’t understand.  You have to see it.  Live it.  Be it.  That’s when Detroit starts to move you.”

The 12th annual Movement Electronic Music Festival, or DEMF, was held, as it is every year, Memorial Day weekend (May 28-30th) at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit, Michigan. This year’s festival attendance was record breaking with 99,282 people and just under 35,000 people attending the first day alone. This was the highest recorded attendance in the festival’s history since it became a paid event in 2005. Headlining the festival was 69 (Carl Craig), Fatboy Slim, Adam Beyer, Felix Da Housecat, Richie Hawtin, Aux 88, Flying Lotus, MiM0SA, and Skrillex. These headliners, along with the 100 other artists, electrified Detroit for three days, spinning the best new tracks for the festival attendees.

Movement crowd at Hart Plaza – Photo by Jon Miller

Movement is one of the biggest world recognized events that Detroit and the Great Lakes State has to offer, especially for music.  The world has Detroit to thank for the techno scene emerging in the 1980s, so what better way to celebrate this genre than with a huge three day party in its birthplace?  That party is Movement Electronic Music Festival and it has occurred every year for the last 12 years, drawing people from all over the world.  The festival crowd is a welcoming assortment of people from all sorts of lifestyles, creating a sense of unity in Detroit and the electric music genre.  I met a couple of Movement’s attendees, Nick and Julia Andrews, a brother and sister originally from Chicago, Illinois.  This was Nick’s third year attending the festival, while this was Julia’s first.  Both are big fans of the electric music genre and can’t imagine this kind of festival happening anywhere else but Detroit.

Whether you are familiar with the line-up of artists or not, it will not stop you from having one of the greatest festival experiences.  There’s always something to find that you can dance and have a great time to.  2011 was truly a spectacular year for Movement and 2012 will no doubt, be even better. Jon Miller, Music Director

Metro Area performing at the Vitamin Water stage – Photo by Jon Miller
Skrillex performing at the Redbull Music Academy stage – Photo by Jon Miller