Day 90: Champ's

The bar at Champs Pub Day 90: Champ's
The bar at Champ's Pub. Photo by Brittany Green.
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Why it’s awesome:  This place has had the best burgers in Livingston County for 23 years.

Champ’s Pub is a must go place for anyone trying to familiarize themselves with the Brighton area.  It isn’t hard to find, just look for the sign featuring the most admirable mustache for miles around.  The man on the sign also happens to be the owner of this bar, and his name is David “Champ” Beauchamp.

One of Champs juicy burgers. Day 90: Champ's
One of Champ's juicy burgers. Photo by Brittany Green.

The building that Champ’s is located in has a long history.  It is in historic downtown Brighton, and started off as a Blacksmith shop.  Around 1885, it became a Marine Bar.  In the 1930’s it became a tire shop, but in 1941 it became a restaurant.  Since then, it has always been some variety of restaurant or bar.  The building became Champ’s Pub in 1981.

Champ’s is famous for having what are widely considered to be the best burgers around, the most popular being their ground round.  They offer customers the opportunity to customize their burger to their exact specifications.  They get all their meat from a local butcher, by the name of Marv’s Meats.  But what keeps bringing customers back for these burgers?

“It’s the quality of the product…The meat comes from a local butcher and it’s been the exact same product for 29 years,” says Champ himself.

This consistency of product has gotten Champ’s a lot of attention over the years.  Their burgers have been voted the best in Livingston County for 23 years.  Nothing beats biting into one of their juicy cheeseburgers and ordering a side of their sweet potato fries.  If that isn’t your thing, they have food specials from Monday until Friday.   They even have breakfast for you early birds out there.

The Chicken Enchilada Nachos are a food special every Tuesday Day 90: Champ's
The Chicken Enchilada Nachos are a food special every Tuesday! Photo by Brittany Green.

Aside from having some of the best burgers around, they have a huge selection of alcoholic beverages.  On any given day, Champs has about 130 different bottles of beer, 12 drafts, 60 vodkas, and 20 different wines that you can order by the glass.  Many of these drinks are imported or are made in Michigan, so they might be difficult to find anywhere else.

The atmosphere of Champ’s Pub is that of your local neighborhood bar.  If you are a sports fan, you are in luck.  They have 12 televisions, including several flat screens that are always turned on to various sporting events.  It is a great place to kick back, relax and enjoy the game.

Champ’s is a great local bar.  If you want a unique experience that you can’t get just anywhere, Champ’s Pub is definitely the place for you.  You might even find your own personal version of “Cheers,” the place where everybody knows your name.   ~Brittany Green, Regional Director

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  1. I live in Indiana; however, go to Brighton 2 weeks out of every month. I absolutely love the atmosphere, food (best hamburgers and Champ’s Specials), icy-cold beer and best popcorn around! But the one thing that stands out above all is the friendliness of the staff! I always feel very welcomed when I visit Champs … definitely my personal version of “Cheers!”

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