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Day 64: Silvio’s Organic Pizza

Silvios Organic Pizza 007 Day 64: Silvio’s Organic Pizza
Photo by Jack Durham.

While pizza has become a much loved staple of American culture, Italian native Silvio Medoro believes that American pizza has strayed from its roots and become “bland.” Silvio was raised in the Abruzzo region of Italy, where he began tossing his first pizza dough at the age of nine, and perfecting his craft at his father’s bakery for 25 years. Six years ago, he opened a restaurant of his own in Ann Arbor called Silvio’s Organic Pizza, which has quickly become a local hit (it was voted Best Italian food in Ann Arbor by Michigan Daily readers in 2010).

Silvios Organic Pizza 003 Day 64: Silvio’s Organic Pizza
Photo by Jack Durham.

The name may be misleading, as Silvio’s isn’t just the average pizza parlor; they have a full line of organic Italian cuisine. Whether you have a craving for pasta, a sandwich, or the Italian take on a burger, you can find it here. Silvio is also a master of Italian pastries because he was raised in a bakery. You could never guess how tasty eating organic desserts could be. If you choose a pizza, however, you will be presented with many toppings and cheeses that aren’t typical in America. It is a great place to try something new. If you have something special in mind you can even create a pizza of your own.  Silvio couldn’t pick a single favorite dish from his restaurant because he enjoys a bit of variety. “Sometimes it will be a pizza; sometimes it will be as simple as spaghetti and meatballs. I love to make sure everything is tasting good,” he said.

Silvio’s Organic Pizza is family owned and operated, so you can be sure everything is done the Italian way. Silvio is in the kitchen even on his days off making sure everything is running smoothly and simply enjoying time with his family. As a member of the community himself, he tries his best to promote

Silvios Organic Pizza 004 Day 64: Silvio’s Organic Pizza
Photo by Jack Durham.

his business locally, and support other local businesses. Silvio’s Organic Pizza has been present at events such as The Taste of Ann Arbor and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. He can also be found at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market shopping for produce on a weekly basis. “Organic ingredients can be twice as expensive because they are grown without pesticides and require more labor, but they are healthier and we believe they are tastier, and people are willing to pay for that,” Silvio said, “we try to buy our produce as locally as possible to support the community, and hope they will support us too.” Making pizza the way he was raised doing it in Italy has proven successful for him so far. Unlike some other chain restaurants, Silvio doesn’t just go for the most affordable ingredients, he selects what he believes to be the best, and it has truly created a unique product.

If you are looking for an eatery with “atmosphere,” Silvio’s has it. The red white and green color scheme stays true to the

Silvios Organic Pizza 001 Day 64: Silvio’s Organic Pizza
Photo by Jack Durham.

Italian heritage. You will find some practical artwork, a wall with herbs being grown hydroponically, and the “Young Artist’s Wall,” full of colored pencil tributes to Silvio’s Organic Pizza, really giving it that family feel. On occasion, they will have live entertainment in the evenings. Seating is available indoors in the air conditioning or out on the sidewalk, right across from the University of Michigan diag. Delivery is available too! As far as prices go, you can expect to pay around $10 per person for a meal, so it is comparable to any casual dining experience.  However, you won’t get better Italian food in Ann Arbor unless you are willing to pay twice that price. This city has plenty of pizzerias downtown as well, but none of them stand out quite like this. ~Jack Durham, Regional Director

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