Day 61: Sweetie-licious

110714 001 Day 61: Sweetie-licious
Sweetie-licious in Dewitt. Photo by Leighanna Whiting.
[box size=”large” border=”full”]Why it is awesome: this multiple award winning bakery makes the best pies in Michigan and keeps to a retro theme, reminding us all of a happier, more care-free time.[/box]

Sweetie-licious has won many local and national awards and has been featured on the Food Network and the Today show. They specialize in local fruit pies with their cherry pie being the most well known (it has won the first place ribbon in seven competitions). Their most prized service is the unique experience they provide to their customers, who come from all over both the world. “The whole concept was to be an experience,” says the owner Linda Hundt. Everything about Sweetie-licious is retro from the decor to the actual recipes. They use recipes from the turn of the century to the 1950’s and they try to put a new, modern spin on them.

110714 015 Day 61: Sweetie-licious
Photo by Leighanna Whiting.

They also offer a delicious breakfast and lunch menu that includes a famous chicken salad, quiches, salads, and Great Harvest bread.

For the owner, Linda Hundt, this has all been a dream come true. Ever since her experience in a bakery in Cape Cod 26 years ago, she has wanted to open a bakery. As a child, Hundt would spend hours baking with her mother and grandmother, and because of those experiences, she has always made a connection between love and baking. Each pie has a story behind it, or rather, a person behind it. When you get a pie it will come with that person’s (grandma, mom, aunt..) story and words of wisdom all baked into it with love.

Hundt started baking pies to sell in farmers markets around 8 years ago. In 2005 an old hair salon in downtown Dewitt went up for lease and it was the prefect time and place for Linda to finally have her own bakery! Everything all fell into place; friends helped to scrap up money and build up the shop. It was a nightmare at first but it led the way to more friendships and love. When people ask her why she is based here she says, “I love to be in my little town in Michigan!”

110714 029 Day 61: Sweetie-licious
Photo by Leighanna Whiting

One of Linda’s favorite parts of Sweetie-licious is all the wonderful people she has met and the friendships that she has made. There have been people from all over that have come to Michigan just to try her pie’s. “It is so wonderful for me to promote and brag about Michigan to all those customers from all over the world,” Hundt says.

Sweetie-licious has plans for eventual expansion but for right now they are happy growing here in Michigan. There are some delicious items that can be found online for those who crave a Sweetie-licious pie and find they are not able to head over to Dewitt. ~Leighanna Whiting, Regional Director

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