Day 57: Trailer Park’d Slow Fast Food

110705 003 Day 57: Trailer Park’d Slow Fast Food
Photo by Leighanna Whiting.
[box size=”large” border=”full”]Why it’s awesome: they are a street vendor done right! For around the same amount of time and money that would be spent at McDonalds or any other fast food joint, you can get better tasting food that is better for you at Trailer Park’d! This luxury “fast food” is all the rage in other cities around the United states, but Trailer Park’d is unique to Lansing![/box]
110705 001 Day 57: Trailer Park’d Slow Fast Food
Photo by Leighanna Whiting

Trailer Park’d Slow Fast Food is moving the Lansing food scene forward by giant leaps. They make gourmet, local food that is quick and under $10. What makes Trailer Park’d so much more interesting than your average fast food joint is that they move around! They can be found in Old Town (at the lot on the Grand River across from Turner St on Grand River Ave.) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 11am to 6pm. On Wednesday, they are at the Allen Street Farmers Market from 2:30pm to 7pm. And on Saturdays be sure to check their schedule since they go to either the South Lansing Farmers Market or the East Lansing Farmers Market from 10am to 2pm.

Owners Jesse Hahn and Ben Ackerman started Trailer Park’d just this year. Jesse Hahn has always wanted to start his own business and make his own food.  So to reach that goal, he enlisted the help of Ben Ackerman. The partners chose Lansing as their base of operations because it is a great food market, with a great local food scene.

110705 002 Day 57: Trailer Park’d Slow Fast Food
Photo by Leighanna Whiting
Everything on their menu is in season and because they hate waste, Hahn and Ackerman try to make everything to order. Their signature dish is their tacos,  which are a perfect blend of spice and citrus. They make their own condiments and use local foods to make seasonal variations of the soups, salads, and sandwiches. “We just wanted to give the people a better option than Arby’s and Wendy’s,” says Hahn.

When looking for a great lunch that you can get fast and for a great price, stop by Trailer Park’d Slow Fast Food! They hope to expand and eventually make it to Downtown Lansing. For now, they will continue to create delicious meals and serve the people of Lansing good quality food. “We are based on community,” Hahn says. So try stepping outside the box and trying some local, good tasting fast food! ~Leighanna Whiting, Regional Director

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110705 004 Day 57: Trailer Park’d Slow Fast Food
Photo by Leighanna Whiting

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