Day 45: B'drizzled

Photo by Danielle Turcotte

What started off as a family tradition during the holiday season turned into chocolate drizzled popcorn loved by all and can now be found in a grocery aisle near you!

B’drizzled first began in 2006 by a hard working and loving mother, Elaine Wyatt.  At the time, her daughter Kristy went to school at Walled Lake Western High School, where she was president of the student activities club.  The club was always looking for new ways to raise money, so Wyatt decided to introduce the school to the family tradition that started in her sister-in-law’s kitchen.  To say the least, it was a huge success.  “Everyone loved it,” Wyatt exclaimed.  “Several people suggested that I should take it into stores.” So that’s exactly what she did.

Initially the product just started out in Hiller’s Markets in the Farmington Hills area because that was where b’drizzled was based, but from then on, the product gained a following and slowly started adding more stores. They began selling in places like Joe’s Produce in Livonia, Papa Joe’s in Birmingham and Rochester Hills, MotorCity Casino, and Bed Bath and Beyond stores across Michigan, the southwest and many more.

Entering into the location where the goodies are made and going behind the scenes of the popcorn factory is quite a treat in itself! Because it’s a small workspace, the rich smells of fresh kettle popped popcorn in coconut oil and the sweet aroma of various flavors of melted chocolate makes the mouth water. The popcorn that they make is not just your average movie theater popcorn, but even better!  Each piece is just as delightful as the last.  All of their products are made and packaged in Farmington Hills, Michigan, which is yet another reason why choosing to purchase their goods is a clever choice.

Does this really need a caption? Photo by Danielle Turcotte.
B’drizzled gourmet treats have special standards for all of their delicacies.  Each chocolate ‘drizzler’ makes sure each piece of popcorn is perfectly covered with the right amount of chocolate. Essentially, all products are cholesterol free, no trans fats, naturally gluten free, and they also make a sugar free flavor for those who are looking for the extra health benefits. Among other flavors, there is a toasted coconut, chocolate cherry cordial, chocolate peanut butter cup, white chocolate peanut butter dream, and different holiday flavors with colored sprinkles complementary to that given holiday.  One can purchase a half-gallon size container for $6.99 and a gallon size for $10.99, however prices varying upon wholesale market.Besides selling in stores, Wyatt still does fundraisers but has added other special events like weddings, baby showers, and graduation parties.  Any specific colors or flavors can also be asked for by request. “There is a wedding this weekend in Birmingham and I just dropped off a huge order for them because they are doing a popcorn bar for their reception. The client wanted a whole variety of popcorn flavors to put out and snack on, which is pretty fun!”People buy b’drizzled popcorn because it is the perfect snack! One is unable to eat just one bite. The perfect mix of salty and sweet keeps you going back for more.  So go ahead, get in your car and head to your local supermarket and pop a piece in your mouth; you wont be sorry. ~Danielle Turcotte, Regional Director 



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