Good Weather For Airstrikes

Day 39: Good Weather For Airstrikes

Good Weather for Airstrikes. Photo credit Matt Radick Day 39: Good Weather For Airstrikes
Good Weather for Airstrikes. Photo by Matt Radick.

The Michigan music scene is alive and well, and Good Weather for Airstrikes is well aware of it.  “The Michigan music scene is really good,” says lead vocalist and guitarist James Radick. “It takes a while of being a band and doing shows to really get involved in it,” he said.  Good Weather for Airstrikes has been making strides in the music scene for about two and a half years.

Photo Credit Matt Radick 2 Day 39: Good Weather For Airstrikes
Photo by Matt Radick

“When Bill and I started with my friend, I was playing acoustic guitar and playing bad attempts at folk music,” says Radick.

The current lineup consists of James Radick on lead vocals and guitar, Joe Hillier on lead guitar, Josh Fenn on bass, and Bill Grant on drums.  Along with changes in the lineup, their sound has changed for the better.

While Good Weather for Airstrikes’ sound is constantly evolving, you might classify them as indie rock, or post rock, but if that isn’t specific enough, just try going to one of their shows.  Good Weather for Airstrikes can be defined by their spacey yet catchy guitar riffs, and their rock solid rhythms section.  Just add Radicks’ heartfelt lyrics, and you have their unique brand of music.

“We’ve developed our very own specific sound pretty well,” says Fenn.  They have a wide range of influences ranging from folk, to hard-core.  They all agree that their sound tends to lean towards whatever they are listening to at the time.

“A lot of times, someone will go up after a show and ask about our influences,” says Radick. “I might name off a few bands and sometimes the person will know all of the bands.  Other times they might not have ever heard of any of them,” he says.

The bearded wonders have a lot on their plate in the next few months.  They are playing shows whenever they get the chance, and they are trying to put together a tour.  Currently, they are in the studio working on a new album at The FOXBORO in Grand Rapids, MI.

Radick is the lyricist for the band, but everyone helps collaborate on the music writing aspect.

“James might come up with a guitar riff or something, and then bring it in.  Then we all work together to come up with the music,” adds Fenn.

The new album will have six songs separated into two halves, both lyrically and thematically.  The first half was written earlier than the second half.  Radick says these songs are about when he felt more dependent on other people. The second half of the album chronicles the growth and independence that he has developed. “The album wraps up with me realizing that I’m never going to be the perfect person.  I’m not the best example, but despite the fact that I don’t fit into the mold, I reach a sense of self-acceptance,” says Radick. Soon these up-and-comers will be paying the bills with their soulful melodies; the album will be for sale in late September or early October. ~Brittany Green, Regional Director

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