Waterfront Bar & Grille

Day 34: Waterfront Bar & Grille

110623 009 Day 34: Waterfront Bar & Grille
Waterfront Bar & Grille. Photo by Leighanna Whiting
[box size=”large” border=”full”]Why this is awesome: the Waterfront Bar and Grille is the only eatery in Lansing on the Grand River, located within the Lansing City Market, and specializing in Michigan beers, wines, and local foods.[/box]
110623 007 Day 34: Waterfront Bar & Grille
Photo by Leighanna Whiting

The Waterfront Bar and Grille opened last year in July of 2010 by Scott Simmons, Andy Simmons, and Robert “Arby” Schleman. The Lansing City Market originally approached Scott Simmons, who is also the owner of the RiverHouse Inn in Williamston, with the offer of opening a bar and grille on the Waterfront inside the Lansing City market. “It was a great opportunity to be one of Lansing’s only waterfront bar’s and grill’s,” says co-owner Arby Schleman.

The Waterfront offers an array of Michigan beers and wine. The food used at the Waterfront is primarily grown locally and is always fresh, most of the time coming from merchants at Lansing City Market. Their menu includes wraps, paninis, soups, and their signature corn salad. Who could say no to comfort food like that?! As Arby Schleman says, “It’s just a Michigan place, man!”

The bar area is warm and cozy, and just outside on the water is the spacious patio. What makes the Waterfront Bar and Grille even more unique is the specialized furniture. The bar and tables are all custom made from the wood of trees downed during a tornado in Williamston.

110623 004 Day 34: Waterfront Bar & Grille
Photo by Leighanna Whiting.

Thursday through Sunday there is live music at the Waterfront which draws in a variety of crowds. From the Cooley Law Students to the baseball fans from the Lugnuts games, the Waterfront has something for everyone! The atmosphere of the Waterfront and its employees is so laid-back and welcoming that it is nearly impossible to not enjoy yourself immensely. Josh, an employee of the Waterfront, says, “It [the Waterfront] is one of the best places that I have ever worked at.”

When in Lansing and looking for some fresh, homemade food or local Michigan drinks, the Waterfront in the Lansing City Market is the place to be! So head downtown to spend some time at the Market and rest your feet at the Waterfront Bar and Grille! ~Leighanna Whiting, Regional Director.

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