The Awesome Mitten - Gracie's Place

Day 330: Gracie’s Place

Nestled in the small town of Williamston are delicious food, great drinks, and a meticulous staff at Gracie’s Place. It is a particular pleasure to experience the art of eating at a restaurant like this, just outside of Lansing.

The Awesome Mitten - Gracie's Place
Photo courtesy of Joanna Dueweke

“In the greater Lansing area, making things from scratch is sadly very rare,” explains Donovan Miske, Gracie’s front of house manager and sommelier. “From our sweet vermouth to our pasta, everything is unique.”

They are constantly striving to create a local atmosphere and celebrate the culture, around the restaurant.  From the vases on the tables to the art on the walls to the food on the plates—everything is procured from as close proximity as possible.

The staff at Gracie’s Place is young and excited to supply customers with the best experience possible.

“Our employees are the foundation of our pride,” says Miske.  The staff is dedicated to their customer base, which is extensive enough to create a line out the door nearly every night.  Both the food and drink menu is ever evolving based on what is available locally and what customers are seeking.

“We don’t have a definable clientele,” explains Miske. “Really, we cater to those people who appreciate good food.”

Gracie’s Place seems to be doing something right—they get traffic all the way from Ann Arbor. Miske laughs, “People seek us out.” People of all ages and walks of life come to the restaurant to have their high expectations met.

Management, as well as staff, is dedicated to supporting the local community.

Miske says, “We try to keep the radius as small as possible, we want to support our neighbors.  Anything that is available from Michigan, we choose Michigan 100-percent.”  Not only do they have every Michigan liquor available, but 95-percent of their beer selection is also Michigan made.

The Awesome Mitten - Gracie's Place
Photo courtesy of Joanna Dueweke

It doesn’t stop there, either—Gracie’s Place prides itself on supporting local groups as well.  From schools, to the library, to the homeless, to the farmer’s market—the restaurant dabbles in garnering support for each.

Going to Gracie’s Place always means experiencing good food, but they also offer many other exciting options.  They have cooking classes, alcohol tastings, “how to bartend” classes, five course dinners prepared in partnership with local breweries and wineries, and a fantastic staff to support it all.  The menu rotates at least monthly, and Gracie’s offers fancy unique drinks as well as craft drinks not found many other places.  It is a cozy, small atmosphere that artfully balances the line between fine dining and super casual.

Every encounter at Gracie’s Place is unique and special.  The staff is amazing, the food is delicious, and anyone can feel right at home.
“Gracie’s is awesome because we maintain our own expectations,” Miske says, smiling.  Make the drive to Williamston, and you won’t be sorry—Gracie’s Place is definitely a gem in the greater Lansing area.

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Joanna Dueweke, Feature Writer

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