Day 33: Uptown Coffeehouse Serves Up a Cup of Comfort

Uptown Coffee - It's like being in your own livingroom if you sit by the fireplace. Photo by Brittany Green

Coffee is an enjoyable beverage to many and an absolute necessity to some. If nothing else, everyone enjoys the smell of a fresh pot of coffee wafting through the air. Imagine a place right in the middle of a small town, where you can walk in, relax on a couch and drink some of the best coffee drinks you’ve ever tasted. That is exactly what the owners of Uptown Coffeehouse, Nathan and Lorna Brennan, envisioned when they opened for business in 2002.

Conveniently located on Grand River and Michigan Ave. Photo by Brittany Green

Consumers will only be served quality products at Uptown. The coffee is distributed from Crimson Cup, a roasting company located in Columbus, Ohio. They have many different types of espresso and specialty drinks, but one popular drink is called the Uptown Mocha. It is the perfect blend of white chocolate, caramel, steamed milk and espresso. Fresh bagels, muffins, cookies, and other baked goods are also available daily. The bagels are from Big Apple Bagels, but the muffins, cookies and rice crispy treats are all made by Uptown Coffeehouse themselves.

Besides the delicious, high quality beverages and snacks that Uptown serves, the atmosphere is what really makes it a special place. “My wife grew up in Howell, and she never felt like there was a welcoming place growing up where she could go and just hang out with friends. We want to provide that place; that place where people can hang out, sit down, talk to friends, bring their children, play with them, obviously have a good cup of coffee, and relax. We felt that we were providing that place that was needed in Howell,” said the owner, Nathan Voght.

Located conveniently in downtown Howell on the corner of Grand River and Michigan Avenue, Uptown Coffeehouse offers a warm and inviting space from the moment a customer walks in the door. There is a variety of comfortable seating you can choose from, including couches in front of the window to people watch, chairs by the warm fireplace, or a traditional table with room to spread out a lot of work and a laptop.

Uptown Coffeehouse also has outdoor seating. Photo by Brittany Green.

Another unique thing about Uptown is the artwork featured on the walls. While some of it is permanent, if you go to Uptown frequently enough, you may notice some of it being switched out. Many local artists have worked out consignment deals with the coffeehouse to display and sell their artwork there. Nathan says “The artist on display now, Lori Ellsworth, has been on display before, and her work usually sells right off the walls.”

The thing that sets Uptown Coffeehouse apart from other places is the engagement of its owners. Nathan and Lorna are very connected with their customers and like to be involved with things going on in the community. “We are all about supporting locally owned coffeehouses and businesses. We think it’s important to get the message out to the community that it really does make a difference where you shop and where you spend your money,” says Nathan. ~Brittany Green, Regional Director

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Uptown Coffeehouse always has yummy treats for sale. Photo by Brittany Green

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