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Day 30: Michigan Theatre

IMG 20110618 151950 Day 30: Michigan Theatre
Michigan Theater. Photo by Mike Guisinger.

Even though Netflix, On Demand and Redbox have gained much popularity in the past few years, high ticket prices have made it painfully difficult to see movies in the theatre as they were intended to be seen. And yet, watching a summer blockbuster in a movie theatre, with hot popcorn and a cold drink at your side, is almost irresistible. So, how do you get around soaring ticket and concession prices without sacrificing the big screen? Try the Michigan Theatre in downtown South Haven.

Located at 210 Center St. in downtown South Haven, the Michigan Theatre shows current movies on three separate screens. There are usually three movies showing at a time, the titles of which can be seen on the Michigan Theatre’s beautiful vintage marquee outside.  Because downtown South Haven is full of beautiful scenery, great restaurants and fun shops, a movie at the Michigan Theater is a perfect way to end a busy day.

IMG 20110618 152423 Day 30: Michigan Theatre
Pop or Popcorn refills are only $0.50! Photo by Mike Guisinger.

The theatre may be old, but it is certainly full of vintage charm. The outside of the theatre is painted a traditional candy red, and movie posters advertising the current films hang just outside the doors. Right inside is a small room where you can buy tickets and concessions. The main theatre itself is upstairs, which also has an alluring, retro interior. Unlike the new massive multiplexes, in front of the big screen at the theatre is an actual wooden stage, and the rows of antique seats are placed on a steep incline, creating a comfortable auditorium style seating. This is how movies should be watched.

What some may find most charming about the Michigan Theatre are the prices; they seem to be nearly as old as the building itself. Most larger, modern theatres charge at least $6 or $7 for a matinee, and upwards of $9 for an evening showing; a 3-D movie ticket can run you $13 or more at most places. But at the Michigan Theatre, matinees are only $4 and evening shows are a whopping $5.50! On Mondays, they offer an evening special of two tickets for $8.

You’re likely to save even more on concessions. We’ve all snuck in some sort of candy or drink into the movies; it’s hard not to when $10 will often only get you a small popcorn and a drink. With the purchase of a ticket at the Michigan Theatre, a fountain drink (with refills) is only 50 cents, and if you bring your own bowl or bucket on Thursdays, popcorn is free! So come down and enjoy a movie with a great atmosphere because there’s no cheaper date than the Michigan Theatre. ~Mike Guisinger, Regional Director

For movie listings, show times and directions to the Michigan Theatre, visit their website or give them a call at 269-637-1662.

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